• LTC 3566 | Values for Type III Compensation for 5V output


    We are using LTC3566 for a wearable application. We want to use LTC3566 in Type-III compensation for the boost output. 

    Please share the values for R1, Rfb, C1, R2, C2, R3, C3, Cout, and Lout for 5V/1A output.

    The datasheet has the values for 3.3V…

  • RE: DEMO 2459A, LTC 1668 interfacing with zedboard

    Can you send a picture of the spectrum and also a scope of the outputs?  What are the codes you are sending?

  • LTC 4060

    LTC 4060-  can it be used to charge AA alkaline batteries??. 

  • LTC 2984

    Please let me know the sampling frequency of ADC in LTC 2984.

  • ltc 6812bmic

    is it possible to stop current in charger ,when cell is fully charged ?

    by the help of LTC 6812-1 BMIC.

  • RE: Problems simulating the LTC-7060 Low Side Waveform

    Double check your BST and BGVcc connections. 

  • LTC 1760 commincation

    Hello everyone I'm doing a Project with the LTC 1760 as it not provide Cell balancing how can I get the cell balancing ?

    or which IC can I use to combine it with LTC 1760 and how the communication will be done.

    The last question is it possible to  use…

  • LTC 3350 - SMB_ALERT

    We are currently using LTC 3350 with PIC24FJ32GB002 MCU in our project. We want to monitor the under voltage level through SMB_ALERT signal. LTC 3350 SMB_ALRT pin is connected to PIC RA 1. As per datasheet , "The SMBALERT pin is asserted (pulled…

  • LTC 7821 Reference circuit

    We want to use LTC7821 to convert DC voltage from 28V to 5V. Reference circuit required for that

  • RE: LTC 2165 ADC 16 bit offset in DC coupling mode


    Apologies for missing this item. I am not sure if it still relevant to you that this question will be answered, However, we are clearing up some open items in our community and ensure that any query is located on its proper community as others who have…