• REF01: Long term drift

    I have selected the REF01AJ or
    REF01AZ which should be ok for my application. However, I cannot find the
    information regarding long term stability. Please could you forward it to me
    for standard and /883C versions ?


    There is no guaranteed…
  • REF01 Internal trim adjustment circuit


    Please give me the resistance values of R5, R6, R20, and VBG Voltage of Figure 33. I would like to calculate the calibration range of trim adjustment circuit which has some difference with figure 35.

  • Noise problem with a REF01 with booster transistor

    Hello all,

    I have a noise problem at an oscillator starting at abt 100 kHz up to abt 1 MHz offset from the carrier (see picture).

    I measured the spectrum of the power supply - and there is a remarkable noise increase around 500 kHz +/-.Problem located…

  • LTC 4421 and LTC 4418

    we work on a robotics system with  Three 48v Battery pack. I want to design a board in order to switch between three batteries based on the priority.

    we need a circuit with a max 40A pike. I found LTC4421 and LTC4418 for this work. As I read in the datasheet…

  • RE: LTC 4162 GUI

    Hi Zack, upgraded program to now it works!

  • RE: what is the input signal frequency range of LTC 1420 and LTC 1405 ADC? Is it single ended or differential?, what is the input signal frequency range of LTC 1420 and LTC 1405 ADC? Is it single ended or differential?

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

    Thank you,
  • How to decrease measurement time for the LTC DC2259->LTC DC2259?

    Hi all,  I am doing research for system ID for battery systems and I need to measuring a single cell voltage and set the  discharge state of the balancing resistor at rate of less than 1 ms. My current set up is a laptop connected through a serial port…

  • RE: LTC 2291 Timing Diagram for multiplexed digital output

    td is the delay from when clock goes high to when the transition happens on the output.  The tMD is the time delay from the falling clock edge to the when the data transitions.  tH is the clock high time but that is controlled by your clock source.  The…

  • RE: LTC 3813 2KW

    Hi Ryan,

    Please connect to a local ADI FAE.

  • LTC 3566 | Values for Type III Compensation for 5V output


    We are using LTC3566 for a wearable application. We want to use LTC3566 in Type-III compensation for the boost output. 

    Please share the values for R1, Rfb, C1, R2, C2, R3, C3, Cout, and Lout for 5V/1A output.

    The datasheet has the values for 3.3V…