• TSN evaluation Kit(RapID-TSNEK V0001)

    Hi All,

    I am not able to connect to the web interface of the evaluation kit. The IP address mentioned in the document is Tried all the possible means bit unable to find the IP address of the board. 

    I am not able to access the bootloader files…

  • RE: RapID Platform has many obsolete components

    How does that make a difference? Either it works, or it doesn't. 

  • EVAL-RapID-TSNEK Update software

           I am a graduate student at Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications. I want to get the updated software for the EVAL-RapID-TSNEK test suite. And I want to ask if the test suite supports the LLDP protocol. Is this test suite docked with…

  • TSN evaluation Kit(RapID-TSNEK V0001)

    when  i connect to one tsn port of this board, i can only receive many pdelay-req messages ,when i response this messages with related pdelay-resp and pdelay-followup later i can receive some sync and follow_up messages a short period of time,but soon  i can…

  • TSN by RAPID-TSNEK-V0001

    Hello, I am a PhD student at  School of Telecommunications, Tongji University. In my tutor's project, we need to use TSN network.

    Now I hope to build a platform to demonstrate the functions of TSN network. I got to konw something about your RAPID-TSNEK…

  • Support needed for RAPID-NI-V2009


    I am customer from China. We had purchased the RAPID-NI-V2009, based on which we are studying to integrate the Ethernet/IP capability into our product.

    Currently we are facing some issue to bring the module to RUN state, even though we follow the quick…

  • HMC840 and HMC829 rapid frequency hopping

    We are using HMC840 and HMC829 devices, both with 100 MHz phase detection frequency (PDF). We need to perform frequency hopping (in a range of about 100 MHz) and do it as fast as possible (preferably less than 100 usec.).

    I have the following questions…

  • Rapid REMS platform - Ethernet/IP Explicit Message


    I am evaluating to use the Rapid with REMS platform as embedded solution to integrate into existing DeviceNet slave product to enable the Ethernet/IP capability.

    After reading thru integration guide and the Rapid software code, I see the solution provides…

  • FIDO/RapID PROFINET support includes optic fiber ?

    Hello DET support,

    Please let us know that PROFINET support of FIDO or RapID is including support for  POF(Polymer Optic Fiber), PCF(Polymer Cladded Fiber), or "Monomode glass fiber optic cable" which is described  in the specification of PROFINET…

  • Serial rapid IO example does not run

    I want to run Serial Rapid IO example on Zynq 7030 using Xilinx SDK. I imported an example named xsrio_dam_loopback_example. I edited its variable MEM_ADDR