• Difference between RAPID-NI-V2007 and RAPID-NI-V2107 boards

    Hi, dear colleagues!

    Could You clear about difference between RAPID-NI-V2007 and RAPID-NI-V2107 eval boards in hardware or software domain. I read datasheet http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/RapID-Platform-Network-Interface…

  • RapID Platform

    What is the RapID Platform?



  • TSN evaluation Kit(RapID-TSNEK V0001)

    Hi All,

    I am not able to connect to the web interface of the evaluation kit. The IP address mentioned in the document is Tried all the possible means bit unable to find the IP address of the board. 

    I am not able to access the bootloader files…

  • Telnet with RAPID-NIEK-V0004

    I am using Putty to establish a telnet connection with the network interface module. I am also using tftpd64 for loading the configuration file (.load) in the NVM of the module through bootloader. As per the procedure described I should use the load command…

  • FIDO1100 & RapID Platform

    Why is the FIDO1100 chip used in the RapID Platform?

  • Network Interface module RAPID-NIEK-V0004


    I have given a detailed description of my queries in the attached zip files. Please have a look.


    Hello,I have bought a "TSN Evaluation Kit", but I do not get Network Software, Can you tell me how to get it.  Thank you.

  • Support for RapID Platform

    What type of support can I expect from ADI while I am incorporating the RapID Platform reference design into my product? 

  • Profibus interface & RapID Platform

    I have a product already on the market with a Profibus interface. How easy will it be for me to use the RapID Platform to create a new product with a Profinet RT interface?