• Difference between RAPID-NI-V2007 and RAPID-NI-V2107 boards

    Hi, dear colleagues!

    Could You clear about difference between RAPID-NI-V2007 and RAPID-NI-V2107 eval boards in hardware or software domain. I read datasheet http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/RapID-Platform-Network-Interface…


    a.  The eval boards were never cascaded in the linked video, they were in parallel.  Note that this was an early demonstration.  We do NOT recommend trying to build an array out of evaluation boards.  

    b.  It is not mandatory to use the ADTR1107.  The ADTR1107…

  • RE: Network Interface module RAPID-NIEK-V0004


    I have reached out via email to the point of contact. 

    This zip file has contents beyond the scope of EngineerZone.

    Therefore this will be resolved offline.

  • RapID Platform

    What is the RapID Platform?



  • FIDO1100 & RapID Platform

    Why is the FIDO1100 chip used in the RapID Platform?


    Hello,I have bought a "TSN Evaluation Kit", but I do not get Network Software, Can you tell me how to get it.  Thank you.

  • Support for RapID Platform

    What type of support can I expect from ADI while I am incorporating the RapID Platform reference design into my product? 

  • Profibus interface & RapID Platform

    I have a product already on the market with a Profibus interface. How easy will it be for me to use the RapID Platform to create a new product with a Profinet RT interface?

  • RE: Telnet with RAPID-NIEK-V0004


    The TFTP server that this platform has been tested with is available for download in the Developer Portal. I have not used the utility you are specifying so I cannot speak to it immediately. Could you provide a screenshot of your telnet command…