• Difference between RAPID-NI-V2007 and RAPID-NI-V2107 boards

    Hi, dear colleagues!

    Could You clear about difference between RAPID-NI-V2007 and RAPID-NI-V2107 eval boards in hardware or software domain. I read datasheet http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/RapID-Platform-Network-Interface…

  • RE: Network Interface module RAPID-NIEK-V0004


    I have reached out via email to the point of contact. 

    This zip file has contents beyond the scope of EngineerZone.

    Therefore this will be resolved offline.


    Respected Sir,

    1. I am a student undergoing research MS Thesis at  NUST, Pakistan I am exploring amplitude and phase steering vectors for phased array systems.
    2. I went through your video, and I have found out that I can utilize the evaluation boards for my…
  • RapID Platform

    What is the RapID Platform?



  • FIDO1100 & RapID Platform

    Why is the FIDO1100 chip used in the RapID Platform?


    Hello,I have bought a "TSN Evaluation Kit", but I do not get Network Software, Can you tell me how to get it.  Thank you.

  • Support for RapID Platform

    What type of support can I expect from ADI while I am incorporating the RapID Platform reference design into my product? 

  • Profibus interface & RapID Platform

    I have a product already on the market with a Profibus interface. How easy will it be for me to use the RapID Platform to create a new product with a Profinet RT interface?

  • RE: Telnet with RAPID-NIEK-V0004


    The TFTP server that this platform has been tested with is available for download in the Developer Portal. I have not used the utility you are specifying so I cannot speak to it immediately. Could you provide a screenshot of your telnet command…