• OP97: Overvoltage protection

    Does the OP97 have overvoltage protection and for how long is it protected?


    The o/p of the OP97 includes circuitry that limits the current o/p to generally
    about 10mAmps, when the o/p is shorted to gnd or to either supply. Therefore
    you do not…

  • OP97 Short Circuit Duration

    The data sheet for OP97 says the short circuit duration is "indefinite".  That indicates either it is unknown or is is forever.  Which is the correct definition?

  • OP97 / OP07 spice models

    I have a bunch of OP97 op amps that I'm trying to simulate in LTSPICE-  so I have a few questions:

    1) Why is this not found in the LT SPICE library?  Or anywhere else ?  

    2) Can I use the OP07 as a simulation model instead?

    3)  When using an existing spice…

  • OP97 Single Power Supply

    Hi All,

    OP97 does not accept a single power supply? I tested it as I-V conversion function as attached.

    Connecting 4 pin to -15V power, the OP97 output voltage changes corresponding to amount of light (OP97 works normally), but the output voltage does…

  • Difference between OP97EPZ and OP97FPZ


    I was going to get OP97 for an educational tutorial but then realized there are multiple versions available on sites like Digikey.

    There is a substantial price difference between OP97EPZ and OP97FPZ but I couldn't find any difference in parameters…

  • RE: Frequency response for OP 97 Op amp using ADALM2000

    Have you checked the OP-97 datasheet to see what the actual specified gain bandwidth product of the device is? If you read the datasheet what you are measuring is not that far off of what the datasheet says it should be.



  • RE: AD5543输出有规律跳变


  • May 2019 StudentZone Quiz Solution

    Question 1:

    How do you measure and computed the slew rate in the unity-gain buffer configuration? Compare this with the value listed in the OP97 data sheet.

    Answer 1:

    Slew rate is defined as the maximum rate of change (slope) of the output voltage that…

  • RE: AD5445 single supply application


    Please see above additional questions,


    LTC6078 has 25uV maximum offset voltage, as same as OP97

    I simulated in SPICE and it should work.

    AD8066 cannot be used per your answer above.

    I simulated in SPICE and it should work.

    I am going…