• OP77AZ/883


    I'm going to use the OP77S, the space qualified version and I also would like to simulate my circuit with spice.

    But on the OP77S product page there is no spice model and on the product page of the OP77 (commercial) there are five model proposed…

  • OP77 offset voltage issues

    I am using an OP77F as a differential amplifier to amplify the voltage across a shunt resister. The shunt resister is 0-50mV for how many thousands of amps runing through it. The shunt resister is on the low side, on the common cable of the DC lines. 

  • RE: OP77 Spice model Pin define

    Hi Kris

    We just want to design a differential amplifier

    As a reference OP77 datasheet page11

    Can you provide these simulation example?



  • OP77 open loop gain linearity.

    Please expound on the discussion of open-loop gain linearity on page 10 of the OP77 Rev E datasheet.  The write-up does not go into much detail and the plots confuse me.  Both graphs plot some unknown voltage Vy versus the circuit output voltage Vx.  What…

  • 请问OP07、OP77在做单位增益放大器应用时,其电路如何接,有什么建议?


  • RE: OP177 SPICE model

    Hi harryh,

    thank you for the reaction on my posting.

    The background of my question is: I was trying to figure out differences between the OP77(E) and the OP177, but could not make out anything significant in the datasheets, so I wanted to compare the…

  • RE: OP97 / OP07 spice models


    The OP07 is over 35 years old.  The generations have been OP77, 177, 2177, and now ADA4077 and ADA4177.

    For most general work, you could use the OP2177 model.

    Op amp models are macromodels, not primitives, so the model writer can add as much or as…

  • RE: short pulse amplifier

    what is Y1 in your schematic. I do not follow exactly what you are doing but you can look at figure 36 of OP77 datasheet hwich gives you detection and amplification. You may need to do adjustment for your needs.


  • RE: OP4177 Power Voltage Supply



    Sure.  About 1970, with the 741 op amp, etc. analog signal paths were designed with +/-15V.

    PMI introduced the OP07 in 1974.  Since that time, we have done several more generations of the

    OP07 -> OP77 -> OP177 -> OP1177.  The OP2177 is…

  • RE: 请问OP37S和AD574S这两个宇航级型号的结温(Junction Temperature)范围是多少

    经检查,发现几乎所有宇航级的型号,如OP07S、OP27S、OP77S等,在贵司网站上都无法下载其数据手册,共同点是宇航级型号的数据手册的下载网址都是出自“ www.dscc.dla.mil”(如OP07S的数据手册网址为http://www.dscc.dla.mil/Downloads/MilSpec/Smd/98639.pdf),而这个网站在国内是打不开的,请问是否有解决这个问题的方法?否则宇航级型号的数据手册无法在贵司官网中下载和查看。我如果想查看这些数据手册的话,该向谁要?