• Is there any reason to think that the OP484S is any more SEE tolerant than the OP484 in the study mentioned in question "Single Event Effects (SEE) testing on the PM139 or the OP484 devices"

    The response to that questions references this study: 

    The Impact of Single Event Gate Rupture in Linear Devices - Gary K Lum,
    Hughes O’Donnell, and Nicholas
    Bouta. IEEE Transaction on Nuclear Science Vol 47, No 6, December 2000.

    Which indicates an…

  • OP484 PSPICE stability


    I simulated the stability of OP484 in follower mode (0ohms in the feedback), with no load, by opening the feedback at the ouput in AC analysis, and I measured a phase margin of 32° Instead of 45°C.

    Is the model provided on the website realistic…

  • OP484 Input limits

    The OP484 op-amp has a limitation of +/-0.6V differential input voltage and the note, "For input voltages greater than 0.6 V, the input current should be limited to
    less than 5 mA to prevent degradation or destruction of the input devices."

  • op484 is getting heated

    I am using OP484 as an inverting amplifier .

    But as soon as i powered up my board all OP484 start heating to very high temperature..

    i have attached my schematic .

    Please tell what is wrong in that.

    There are no floating pin i have connected sensor…

  • OP484 Feedback Capacitor Stability


    I am using an OP484 and would like to know for good design practice what a good minimum value for capacitance that should be added to the feedback loop is. Any general guidelines or starting points. Thanks

  • Information on LET threshold for OP484 or AD589?

    I'm analyzing some radiation data and looking for the LET threshold for both generic part numbers OP484 and AD589.  Any idea of where the LET threshold can be found?

  • Where can I find the junction to case resistance for OP484S?

    Where can I find the junction to case resistance for OP484S?


    The absolute maximum rating table in the OP484S SMD datasheet refers to
    MIL-STD-1835 for Thermal resistance junction to case :

    MIL-STD-1835 can be found at:
  • Single Event Effects (SEE) testing on the PM139 or the OP484 devices

    In an ESA-Study I evaluate different linear ICs, like the amp OP484 and the
    comparator 139.The aim is to mitigate the radiation induced Single-Event
    Transients (SET) in a circuit. Therefore I need some information’s about the

  • RE: AD824能完全替代TI的TLE2024吗?

    AD824  OP484 OP492 都可以替代TLE2024