• op470 and op484 intrinsic failure rates

    Please can someone let me know the OP484 and OP470 intrinsic failure rates?

  • RE: OP470


    You are using single supply, -Vs = GND.
    The OP470 requires 4V headroom from your -Vs which means your minimum input would be 4V in your case.
    You may want to use split supply in order to accommodate 0V input.

    Thanks and regards!

  • OP470 failure mode

    I ask questions about the failure mode of the OP470.

    1) Does the OP470's failure modes include the case where the OP470's output terminal is shorted to V + or V-?
    2) If the answer to question 1 is "yes",, what is the probability of this failure…

  • Noise performance comparison between the OP27 and OP470

    Good afternoon,

    Some background on why I care about this:  NASA GSFC launched a mission (ASTRO-H) a while back, and the front-end amplifier designs incorporated the OP470 in virtually all of the bias control.  However, the engineer at the time claimed…

  • Spice model of OP470  /  Problem with the input bias current


    While testing the model of the OP470 Op-Amp which we plan to use on a MIL PCB, I found a problem during the transient analysis.

    The datasheet of this component tells us that the input bias current should be around 10nA

    But in the simulations I…

  • OP470 : offset voltage fluctuation range by aging


    I have a question from our customer about aging of offset voltage of OP470GS.
    I guess that offset voltage of OP-Amp may be affected by supply voltages.
    And I think it will be categolized as quality information.
    Can I have the information about fluctuation…

  • OP470GSZ NC pin

    Hi all,

    Now, our customer will start to design the PCB.

    In the datasheet @ OP470 16-Lead SOIC Package,
    nc (8,9pin) : "NC = NO CONNECT".

    This mean, do not connect to other potential ? or no connect internal ?
    The nc pin is open, or connect to…

  • 运算放大器平衡电阻总损坏是什么原因造成的



  • Inquiry Stability of OP200A and OP470A under Incorrect power supply conditions.


    The two parts(OP200A, OP470) has been used in satellite system.

    The power supplied to the two parts within our design are +15VDC(+V pin) and -15VDC(-V pin) at power-on state.
    But, Due to some design error of the main power unit , in case of main…

  • RE: ad8138 fully differential amplifier as a transimpedance amplifier

    Hi Harry,

    You are right. With this bias current, the output offset is almost 0.7v with 100k.

    So do you have any amplifiers suggestion for the two classic TIAs?

    Before i was using op470. But it is too slow for this project.