• OP467 single supply


    1- Is it possible to use op467 with single supply with "5 v, 9 v, 12v" ? datasheet has only dual supply example.

    2- I would like to use op467 for band pass filtering between 20Hz to 500 khz is it possible ? How should i do it ?

    I look forward…

  • OP467压摆率问题


  • OP467



    I am trying to build an amplifier for quite a wide range of frequencies (40Hz -  200 kHz).  I wanted to use OP467 since it has quite a wide bandwidth. So, using one section of OP467, I built an inverting amplifier with a gain of 10. However, I am…

  • RE: Query about OP467

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  • OP467 & OP467S Power Supply Current


    The data sheet for the OP467 & OP467S lists the power supply current as 12mA with +/-5V supplies.

    Is this per amplifier our for all 4 amplifiers (entire chip)?

    Our measurements would correspond with this being for all 4 amplifiers (the entire…

  • Junction-to-board thermal resistance of the OP467S CERDIP-14?

    Hi, I need the Junction-to-board thermal resistance of the OP467S CERDIP-14. This information is not on the datasheet.

  • PSpice model for OP467

    I have download the PSpice model for OP467. But when I started to use it, its pins name are 1, 2, 99, 50, 27. What' s the meaning of these numbers? Which one is -IN (or +IN, V+, V-, OUT) as described in the PDF?

  • PSpice model of OP467

    When I used the pspice model of OP467, I found its pin name are 1, 2, 99, 50, 27. What is the meaning of these numbers? Which one is +IN (or -IN, OUT, V+, V-) as described in the datasheet?

  • RE: Question about OP-amp selection for ADC input drivers and DAC output buffers.

    Hi Jun667, 

    What sampling rate are you working with for the ADC, and what is the udpate rate for the DAC? 

    The OP467 is much faster than the OP471. The best choice of amplifier would still depend on the requirements of your application. If you can provide…

  • RE: OP467GBC quality report, OP467GBC quality report

    Hi Mickael,


    You can view our quality website @ Analog Devices' Quality & Reliability Program | Analog Devices


    Specific product reliability data can be found @ Wafer Fabrication Data | Analog Devices. Enter the OP467 part number to view details…