• OP467 & OP467S Power Supply Current


    The data sheet for the OP467 & OP467S lists the power supply current as 12mA with +/-5V supplies.

    Is this per amplifier our for all 4 amplifiers (entire chip)?

    Our measurements would correspond with this being for all 4 amplifiers (the entire…

  • OP467



    I am trying to build an amplifier for quite a wide range of frequencies (40Hz -  200 kHz).  I wanted to use OP467 since it has quite a wide bandwidth. So, using one section of OP467, I built an inverting amplifier with a gain of 10. However, I am…

  • OP467 single supply


    1- Is it possible to use op467 with single supply with "5 v, 9 v, 12v" ? datasheet has only dual supply example.

    2- I would like to use op467 for band pass filtering between 20Hz to 500 khz is it possible ? How should i do it ?

    I look forward…

  • PSpice model for OP467

    I have download the PSpice model for OP467. But when I started to use it, its pins name are 1, 2, 99, 50, 27. What' s the meaning of these numbers? Which one is -IN (or +IN, V+, V-, OUT) as described in the PDF?

  • Query about OP467

    Hi, there

    Seeking your technical advice regarding part OP467 applied in my circuit, please see the following problem statement.

    Refer schematic below, U38A & U38B is Analog Devices part (OP467), I facing problem where the standby voltage at line ‘X_Temp…

  • PSpice model of OP467

    When I used the pspice model of OP467, I found its pin name are 1, 2, 99, 50, 27. What is the meaning of these numbers? Which one is +IN (or -IN, OUT, V+, V-) as described in the datasheet?

  • OP467压摆率问题


  • Junction-to-board thermal resistance of the OP467S CERDIP-14?

    Hi, I need the Junction-to-board thermal resistance of the OP467S CERDIP-14. This information is not on the datasheet.

  • RE: 有奖答题最后一波——半个世纪的成就,请您见证!


  • quad opamp, isolation amplifier

    1.can any one tell me which is the better one. LM124 or OP467?or any other quad opamp?

    2. can any body suggest a replacement for ISO120 isolation amplifier?