• OP4177 opamp is not working as voltage limiter.


    I am facing some issues with OP4177 (precision amplifier)  in a voltage limiting application. Earlier in the design LM-148 ( quad uA741) was used and there was absolutely no issue. In the same configuration OP4177 gives horrible results with absolutely…

  • OP4177: Can I operate this device with a single supply?

    Can I operate OP4177 with a single supply, datasheet only specifies dual


    Yes, you can use OP4177 with a single supply but you need to be careful that
    the input or output does not exceed the headroom limitations (1V from both…
  • OP4177 Current Limit on Inputs

    If an input exceeds the power supply rails on the OP4177, are there clamping diodes that will protect the device? If so, how much current is allowable?

  • RE: AD5144 doesn't load configuration on power-up

    Hi Mark,

    all A and B terminals are directly connected to +2.5V or -2.5V. The W terminals are connected to the + terminals of an OP4177 operated by +/-12 V.

  • OP4177 Power Voltage Supply

    Datasheet is not complete clear to me.

    Does this opamp only work with a negative voltage at v- or can it also work with 0 VDC at v- and 5 VDC at v+?

  • Absolute Maximum Voltage in OP4177

    Hello everybody,

    First of all, thank you for your replies, as this is my first post in this Comunity.

    I have an Analog Input to measure the output signal (in current) of a HV transducer. The transducer is suplied to +- 24V

    The Analog Input consists…

  • OP4177  as voltage follower for battery cells

    I am using an OP4177 in an externally powered application (voltage follower for battery cells). Is it OK to leave the voltage input from the cells connected when the supply power is off?

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