• OP37

    I will start this with a basic overview of our problem.

    We designed a baseband amplification board to amplify a baseband signal through two OP37 SOIC-8 stages. The original design specs were that we would only be dealing with positive voltage inputs…

  • radiation effect on OP37

    Are there any documents on the effect of neutron and gamma radiation on op37?


    Please find attached Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Test Reports for OP37.
  • phase shifter using OP37


    i am trying to develop a phase shifter using integrator concept. working Range 10KHz to 1MHz.

    considering High frequency i am using OP37 which has high Gain bandwidth and slew rate.

    i am Facing a problem with instability in output signal.


  • OP37: Reversal of supply voltage

    I have had a query from a customer they have wired an OP37 incorrectly.
    Instead of +15V and 0V they have applied -6V on the V+ pin and +5V on the V-
    pin, the parts were then powered up and the error realized.  The problem was
  • ADA4637-1 and OP37 pin compatibility in SOIC

    Are ADA4637-1 and OP37GSZ in SOIC package pin compatible?


    ADA4637-1 and OP37GSZ, are not pin compatible. But if you can externally short
    pin 5 and 8, then they become pin compatible.
  • LTC 4421 and LTC 4418

    we work on a robotics system with  Three 48v Battery pack. I want to design a board in order to switch between three batteries based on the priority.

    we need a circuit with a max 40A pike. I found LTC4421 and LTC4418 for this work. As I read in the datasheet…

  • LTC 3813 2KW


    I use LTC3813 to do 2kw boost converter ,but i saw low side mosfet PWM as below picture,its frequency change,this behavior is normal or abnormal?

    bulk voltage=75v ,and connect to 12V DC/DC load 20A

    CH1: Low side MOSFET PWM

    CH2: BULK voltage

    CH4: Boost…

  • RE: OP27和OP37搭建的放大電路振盪


  • RE: what is the input signal frequency range of LTC 1420 and LTC 1405 ADC? Is it single ended or differential?, what is the input signal frequency range of LTC 1420 and LTC 1405 ADC? Is it single ended or differential?

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  • How to decrease measurement time for the LTC DC2259->LTC DC2259?

    Hi all,  I am doing research for system ID for battery systems and I need to measuring a single cell voltage and set the  discharge state of the balancing resistor at rate of less than 1 ms. My current set up is a laptop connected through a serial port…