• OP37

    I will start this with a basic overview of our problem.

    We designed a baseband amplification board to amplify a baseband signal through two OP37 SOIC-8 stages. The original design specs were that we would only be dealing with positive voltage inputs…

  • radiation effect on OP37

    Are there any documents on the effect of neutron and gamma radiation on op37?


    Please find attached Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Test Reports for OP37.
  • OP37: Reversal of supply voltage

    I have had a query from a customer they have wired an OP37 incorrectly.
    Instead of +15V and 0V they have applied -6V on the V+ pin and +5V on the V-
    pin, the parts were then powered up and the error realized.  The problem was
  • phase shifter using OP37


    i am trying to develop a phase shifter using integrator concept. working Range 10KHz to 1MHz.

    considering High frequency i am using OP37 which has high Gain bandwidth and slew rate.

    i am Facing a problem with instability in output signal.


  • ADA4637-1 and OP37 pin compatibility in SOIC

    Are ADA4637-1 and OP37GSZ in SOIC package pin compatible?


    ADA4637-1 and OP37GSZ, are not pin compatible. But if you can externally short
    pin 5 and 8, then they become pin compatible.
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  • 请问OP37S和AD574S这两个宇航级型号的结温(Junction Temperature)范围是多少

    请问OP37S和AD574S这两个宇航级型号的结温(Junction Temperature)最大范围是多少?

  • 我用OP37,OP27,AD8021等一些速度较快的运放接成跟随器时输出噪音大


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