• How to do a buffer ompamp with OP27

    I would like to build a unitty gain buffer with the OP27 Low Noise, Precision Operational Amplifier having a 0-3V 100 HZ square wave as input signal.

    Giving that the OP27 has the input protection diodes, Can you recommend me a suitable Rf and Cf value for…

  • AD9027:  Do you have the detail circuit of dither generator using OP27 shown in AD9042 datasheet?

    The following figure is from AD9042 datasheet. Do you have the detail circuit
    of OP27?


    The OP27 circuit we used is just as shown below except the resistor values are
    200 Ohms between pin 11 of the AD600 and pin 2 of the OP27.  The feedback

  • hmc704+op27+hmc733 频综调试


  • ADF4108 loop filter design: using OP27

    We are trying to use the schematic provided in UG-160 (ADF4108) eval board user manual.

    Can we replace the OP184, which uses a single rail 15V supply, with an OP27, which uses a dual rail +/-15V supply.

    Can we avoid using the -15V supply rail and ground…

  • RE: 运放OP27的使用问题,请教

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  • RE: OP27 single supply issues in the use

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  • Noise performance comparison between the OP27 and OP470

    Good afternoon,

    Some background on why I care about this:  NASA GSFC launched a mission (ASTRO-H) a while back, and the front-end amplifier designs incorporated the OP470 in virtually all of the bias control.  However, the engineer at the time claimed…

  • We use 8138S and OP27ALQMLL in a front end elctronics. Open/floating pins are forbidden in the design. How ist the correct termination of the NC pins AD8138, OP27) and NULL (OP27) pins of both components if

    AD8138 and OP27 (space grade) have NC and NULL Pins. How is the correct Termination to avoid floating Pins.

    We plan to connect all Pins to GND. Is that correct?

  • OP27: Power-supply


    I have a question about the power-supply voltage of OP27.

    Can the OP27 be used in +5V single power supply?

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  • OP27 Spice model

    1. Is the spice model of the OP27 include thermal deviation of offset voltage? Is the noise is implemented?
    2. Is the spice model of the OP27S exist?

     My Orcad simulation (OpAmp buffer positive input grounded) doesn't show a 40µV variation