• RE: OP275 loading?

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  • OP275 : Single-supply operation


    My customer would like to know if the OP275 amplifier can be used in single-supply operation.

    And in this case, does OP275 meet the specifications of datasheet ?


  • Design review of AD74111 with OP275

    Hi All,

    My customer is designing an audio circuit for PCM data output ,such as voice signal, based on AD74111 EVB.

    But, She has no experiance with this application and therefor is not sure about the circuit she designed.

    She would like to check if there…

  • RE: AD1938 CODEC Full-Scale Input Voltage (Differential)

    Hi Dave

    I am replicating the AD1938 CODEC to my PCB. I am referring to the circuits from the UG-045 AD1938 eval board document. But I am not sure what these circuits are for. please help me understand what the circuit below does?

    1) what this opamp circuit…

  • RE: AD1836AZ-DBRD

    Hello proberto,

    You did not give me a lot to go on. I will take my first guess and if this is not the board you have then take some high resolution pictures So I can see what it looks like and any code numbers on the board that might help me find it. 

  • AD1853 EVB

    Where can I find the AD1853 EVB User Guide?


    Please refer to the attached pdf. Please note that this evaluation board is no
    longer available and AD1853 is no longer recommended for new designs. Instead
    we recommend AD1955
  • Operational amplifiers for usage in GIC

    Dear AD Engineers,

    In order to construct device for measurements in condensed matter physics we analyze different filters.

    We search a modern operational amplifier for usage in Generalized Impedance Converter (GIC).

    Looking in AD collection of dual operational…

  • RE: AD8599 voltage range - okay for phonostage replacement

    Hello Sam,

    One option that you may consider on using is the OP275, please be reminded though that there is no more headroom between the ABSMAX of the device and the voltage voltage on your system, which is not good. If you have an option to lower the…

  • RE: ADAU1372 differential DAC filter

    Hello wctronic,

    Yes, this is a good filter to use. The OP275 requires higher voltage rails but since you are running differentially the output swing will be greater than the rails for the codec. What is good about this design is that it is a single stage…