• OP275 loading?

    I love the specs on the OP275, and plan to make extensive use of it in my designs.

    I am a little unsure of how to approach loading, which the data sheet mentions to be aware of. It seems to hint at a degradation in performance concerning high source…

  • OP275 : Single-supply operation


    My customer would like to know if the OP275 amplifier can be used in single-supply operation.

    And in this case, does OP275 meet the specifications of datasheet ?


  • Design review of AD74111 with OP275

    Hi All,

    My customer is designing an audio circuit for PCM data output ,such as voice signal, based on AD74111 EVB.

    But, She has no experiance with this application and therefor is not sure about the circuit she designed.

    She would like to check if there…

  • RE: AD8599 voltage range - okay for phonostage replacement

    Hello Sam,

    One option that you may consider on using is the OP275, please be reminded though that there is no more headroom between the ABSMAX of the device and the voltage voltage on your system, which is not good. If you have an option to lower the…

  • RE: 有奖分享——最爱ADI放大器

    哦哦  中奖了~ 其实我也挺喜欢OP275的  之前还买了本ADI的教材看~邮件已发送请查收

  • ADA4075-2 and SSM2167 Q's


    We are looking at using the ADA4075-2 instead of the OP275, as recommended by ADI, as a balanced line driver to the AD1974. However, the reference design uses trimpots whereas these are not shown for the OP275 reference design. As we are looking…

  • AD1974 differential audio input impedance

    Hi All,

    Is there any differential impedance requirement (like 100 Ohms) that needs to be followed in the PCB layout while routing the audio inputs to AD1974 ADC? Our circuit is similar to AD1974 EVM where OP275 converts single ended to differential audio…

  • RE: ADMP441, SSM2529 Speech transmission

    Thank you for a thorough explanation.

    I have looked further at your catalog of op-amps. Since I am designing a portable unit, I examined the following, with 5 V supply:

    AD8605/AD8606/AD8608, AD8691/AD8692/AD8694, AD8655/AD8656, and the ADA4075-2.

  • Choosing a good opamp for a mic preamp

    I'm looking for recommendations for a good opeamp to use in a simple microphone preamp circuit for ADI's MEMS microphones. The noise floor of these microphones is at -100 dBV (10 uV), A-weighted, with a 20 kHz bandwidth. The typical use of this preamp…