• OP2177


    I just encountered a unit, having a solder bridge between pin7(outB) and Pin8(V+).

    After having it analyze at FA, it was found to have a burnt metallization directly connected to pin1(outA).

    Is the event of burnt metal on Pin1(outA) a possible…

  • OP2177 - Date Code


    We met some issue on our product with OP2177 device.

    With a date code OP2177 A#830 5002 ==> our product works without problems.

    With a date code OP2177 A#932 6453 ==> our product doesn't work.

    Could you communicate if the PCN#18_0060 is applied…

  • op2177: Single supply operation

    We would like to know if the OP2177 amplifier can be used in single-supply


    Yes, you can apply a supplies that are not symmetrical to an opamp. Generally
    speaking, op amps can be used from any supply voltages (symmetrical…
  • OP2177 protection diode


    We will use OP2177.

    In absolute maximum rate of the datasheet, input range is -Vs ~+Vs.

    The datasheet of opamp usually include  the description of  power supply +- 0.3V at input

    Does OP2177 include  a protection diode at input stage ?

    If not so…

  • frequency response of OP2177

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are using OP2177 OP-amp for voltage follower (Av=1).

    Pls refer to Figure33 of page10.

    Q1.We think the frequency response of voltage follower is ( Av = 1 plot ) of Figure33.
         Can we think that the frequency response of the inverting…

  • OP2177: rail-rail input/output

    Hi Team;


    OP2177 at +/ -15v power supply, the input voltage range is +/ -13.5v.

    Is there any device with similar parameter, but is rail-rail input/output at +/ -15V?

    many thanks;


  • Power supply sequence of OP2177

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We think that we will use OP2177 OP-amp.

    Please teach us the power supply sequence (+V,-V) when power-on/off.

    Our system can't supply +V/-V simultaneously.

    It would be greatly appreciated if advice could be gotten.

    Best Regards…

  • OP2177 will be replaced with OPA2180


    I want you to give us advice.

    OP2177 is targetted to be replaced with competitors, OPA2180 and so on.

    We try to promote ADA4077-2A. But they mentioned TCVos is worse than OP2177. They don't want to use it.

    ADA4522-2 doen't seem to compete…

  • OP1177 / OP2177 / OP4177 Input impedance

    I don't find any information about the input impedance in the datasheet. Could
    you provide me any?


    We do not have the data that you are looking for. Based on what we know about
    the design, differential resistance is roughly 6 MΩ…
  • OP2177 单电源供电