• RE: ADUM5422 Footroom voltage at unipolar supply

    Hi Logan54.

    My answers to your questions are as follows:

    Q: With this contraints I want to use a neg. Buck Converter to supply -5V to the OP184 and to AVss, to be with the output linear down to 0V at Codeword “0x0000”. May I am correct with my thought…

  • RE: HMC960


    here is the schematic. The inputs arrive from 9GHz IQ mixer HMC908 via 2x10uF capacitors.

    Maybe c27 has to be increased.

    P5VRF and P5VDIG derive, after filtering, from a 7805. there are no switching regulators on the board.

    The outputs feed…

  • RE: ADF4159中的sw1,sw2管脚如何实现快速锁定开关?


    对于SW1和SW2引脚使用,以及快锁,建议您参考数据手册中Fast Lock Loop Filter Topology章节。环路滤波器设计推荐您使用ADIsimPLL。




  • 关于参考电路CN0174


       最近看到参考电路CN0174《使用有源环路滤波器和RF预分频器的低噪声12 GHz微波小数N分频锁相环》,看到其12 GHz PLL 的测量性能与仿真相位噪声性能对比图。我不知道,在设定的参数下,是如何仿真得到在12GHz输出时相位噪声达到-130dBc/Hz@1kHz。如果相噪按6dB倍频恶化,从100MHz参考输入,鉴相频率25MHz,算上ADF5001的预分频系数,12GHz频率分频到鉴相频率,共有480次分频。这种情况下,相位噪声是如何实现或如何计算仿真到图示中的性能的?…

  • RE: Op amp recommendation

    Hi, Jim.

    ADI has so many available op amps in DIP but OP284/OP484 best suits all your requirements. OP184 can operate from 3V to 36V, is unity-gain stable, has rail-to-rail input and output, has an output current of +/-10mA and can operate in the industrial…

  • ADF4158有关问题



  • RE: Manual and help for the ADF4108 evaluation board

    Hello Juergen,

    I understand that you have external to the evaluation board , an active loop filter and VCO, for this configuration to work, you should isolate and power down the on board active loop filter and VCO, while at the same time connect your…

  • RE: EV-ADF4159EB3Z Eval vtune range

    Unfortunately, my evm does not work at all with my external VCO. I tested the VCO alone and it work good. I rebuilt a loop filter according to ADsimPLL for the correct ADF chip, my VCO parameters, OP184 opamp at 5V etc....All supply voltage seem ok. It…

  • AD5422 - voltage and current output on the same terminal


    I want to put the voltage and current output of the AD5422 on the same terminal.

    There is a need for an OpAmp (AD5422 Datasheet, Figure 75) to buffer the +Vsense signal.

    In the datasheet they suggest the OP184 or OP07  as buffer amplifier.

  • RE: HMC799LP3 Transimpedance amplifier specifications and developer board

    Hi Levent,

    Thanks for your clarification. Since you recommended a low GBP op-amp for Cext to track RFIN, does it mean we only care about tracking at low frequency? For the Op-amp, I am choosing OP184. It has 4MHz GBP but pretty low noise performance…