• OP184: Input capacitance value

    What's the input capaciatnce value of OP184?


    Somewhere around 5-15pF.

  • OP184 offset null pins

    We need OP184 or similar device which has still the NULL pins for offset
    adjustment (so we don’t need the latest auto zero parts). Does OP184 have this
    feature? Because pin1 and pin5 on page 1 of the former datasheets shows them,
    but no…

  • OP184: Offset nulling pins

    The OP184 has two offest nulling pins. What resistance should the nulling
    potentiometer have, and where is its slider to be connected to?


    For offset adjust, use a 20K resistor between offset null pins 1 and 5 with the
    wiper to the negative terminal…

  • OP184: Hot to implement a trim circuit

    How to implement a trim circuit on the OP184 - not described in the datasheet!


    The Null function on the OP184 is used to trim the input offset voltage. It is
    an optional function. If you are not going to use the offset nulling circuit
    then leave…

  • OP184: Replacement with the AD820 and NULL Pin

    Is it possible to replace the op AD820  with the op OP184? What means the pin
    connection NULL?


    The OP184 and AD820 share a similar pin out but they vary significantly in
    their bandwidth, offset, and noise. I would not consider them to be drop…

  • OP184 Qualification report


    Where can i find the qualification report for the OP184?


  • ADF41020用到的OP184同相端为什么加偏压啊?


  • Not getting the Expected frequency output - EV ADF4159EB3Z

    Trying to a generate a waveform but output seems to be locked at a particular frequency and doesn't change if we set another frequency in the software. I am using external Loop filter(OP184) and VCO(HMC511).   

  • ADF4108 loop filter design: using OP27

    We are trying to use the schematic provided in UG-160 (ADF4108) eval board user manual.

    Can we replace the OP184, which uses a single rail 15V supply, with an OP27, which uses a dual rail +/-15V supply.

    Can we avoid using the -15V supply rail and ground…