• AD590 wide operating voltage?

    Hello friends

    Did anybody tried to operate AD590 (temperature sensor) to operate on 28V as it is mentioned in the data sheet. I have seen all the application with 5V but i want to operate it with 28V, please let me know that whether the result will be…

  • RE: can OP07 be used with single supply ??

    Yes, but not with 5V;  you need at least 6V across the part.

    But why choose  an OP07 that is over 30 years old?  We have done many generations in the OP07 family,

    OP07 -> OP77 -> OP177 -> OP777 -> OP1177 -> AD8671/8675 -> ADA4077-1.

  • RE: ad8138驱动AD7357,AD7357基准输出变为2.9V?


    若是数据手册中的Figure 21,AD8138和基准没有关系吧,经过OP177隔离了

  • RE: short pulse amplifier

    what is Y1 in your schematic. I do not follow exactly what you are doing but you can look at figure 36 of OP77 datasheet hwich gives you detection and amplification. You may need to do adjustment for your needs.


  • 恒流源电路问题,不同运放效果还不一样,不知道怎么回事!


  • Replacing AD624 with AD8295

    Hi all,

    We are using AD624 Instrumentation Amplifier for our signal Conditioning Application for Strain gauge based sensor like Force and Torque Sensors.  Here we get Voltage in mV and we are using AD624 as IA and then a second order Butter worth filter…

  • RE: 微伏电压信号放大电路




    ADA4004-1 数据手册和产品信息 | 亚德诺半导体

  • RE: Modern general purpose opamp suggestions


      You are swimming upstream.....  The world has been going to smaller and smaller packages for over ten years, so you won't see "modern" op amps in DIP packages.  You can get small adapter boards that convert 8 lead SOIC to 8 pin…

  • RE: OP4177 opamp is not working as voltage limiter.


      AR4A, etc. are connected in such a way where under certain conditions, the diode is reverse biased and there is no feedback.  A lot of op amps don't like this.  The OP4177 is a precision op amp with protection diodes and resistors between the…

  • Choosing a good opamp for a mic preamp

    I'm looking for recommendations for a good opeamp to use in a simple microphone preamp circuit for ADI's MEMS microphones. The noise floor of these microphones is at -100 dBV (10 uV), A-weighted, with a 20 kHz bandwidth. The typical use of this preamp…