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  • RE: OP-177

    Hi again. krisf can ı ask you another question. When ı read op177 datasheet and ı see typical offset voltage is 40 uV but ı set up test circuit my offset voltage 5 mV. Maybe this is a problem. What can ı do for this.

  • RE: ad8138驱动AD7357,AD7357基准输出变为2.9V?


    若是数据手册中的Figure 21,AD8138和基准没有关系吧,经过OP177隔离了

  • RE: AD620 drift



      20V / 65536 =  305 MICROVolts??  Not millivolts??  Do you mean microvolts all the way though your reply?

    Is this measured at the output of the AD620 or the second OP177??

    Is your "16bit A/D module" a monolithic IC or truly a module?? 

  • RE: short pulse amplifier

    what is Y1 in your schematic. I do not follow exactly what you are doing but you can look at figure 36 of OP77 datasheet hwich gives you detection and amplification. You may need to do adjustment for your needs.


  • Replacing AD624 with AD8295

    Hi all,

    We are using AD624 Instrumentation Amplifier for our signal Conditioning Application for Strain gauge based sensor like Force and Torque Sensors.  Here we get Voltage in mV and we are using AD624 as IA and then a second order Butter worth filter…

  • RE: 微伏电压信号放大电路




    ADA4004-1 数据手册和产品信息 | 亚德诺半导体

  • 关于运放开环增益非线性的问题

    1、在运算放大器应用技术手册(OP AMP APPLICATIONS HANDBOOK)及OP177的手册中写到OP177的开环增益非线性的测试电路如下图:

    1 OP177开环增益非线性度的测试电路


    2 开环增益非线性度的SPICE模型仿真电路


    3 V-VxV-Vy的仿真结果



  • query regarding Electric characteristics of AD5544 current output DAC


    1. In the data sheet of AD5544 it was mentioned that the static performance parameters like INL, DNL, Full scale gain error are the values correspond to closed loop system using an external precision I-V converter amplifier (OP177).Would like to know…
  • RE: LT6235 op amp hangs in LTSpice simulation

    Hi Hooman,

    I think this is very simply explained. I know that any type of analysis consists of successive stages. When running any type of analysis, the first step is always to search for a DC operating point, for example.

    These steps can be canceled…