• OP177: Improved Howland Current Source - How to Increase current output.

    Hi forum. First of all, thank you for your global active support.

    I really need your help.

    In the attempt to design a very accurate, high current source/sink for an automatic test system, I came across the application notes of the AD’s OP177 op-amp discussing…

  • about OP177 amp how work

    how the circuit worhs,how the relationship between output and input is calculated and derived.

  • RE: OP177 power sequence

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  • OP177 SPICE model

    I have downloaded the SPICE model file for the OP177 but found that it actually contains the model for the OP1177.

    Where can I get the proper SPICE model file for the OP177 ?

  • RE: Offset Voltage adjustment for OP177

    Hi Harry,

    Customer have put your OP177 on their inspection device and it have fixed so it cannot replace it to another recommended new device like a ADA4638.

    Therefore customer followed your instructed way adjust the output offset voltage.


  • RE: OP2177 protection diode

    Hi Areski,

    You can use the OP177 datasheet, which has an internal circuit. These amps are related



  • AD711 replacement solution

    Hello there

                       Ask everyone, what alternative chip or solution is there for the AD711 chip,

    can OP07 or OP177 completely replace the AD711? Or there are other better chips.


                                                                                                                       Thanks everyone…

  • AD711替代方案





  • 恒流源电路问题,不同运放效果还不一样,不知道怎么回事!


  • query regarding Electric characteristics of AD5544 current output DAC


    1. In the data sheet of AD5544 it was mentioned that the static performance parameters like INL, DNL, Full scale gain error are the values correspond to closed loop system using an external precision I-V converter amplifier (OP177).Would like to know…