• Current source OP1177


    I would like to use OP1177 for a current source, in data sheet of OP1177 is an example of values ​​Rs and Cs to get stable. I would like to know how have calculated these values, someone can me explain how this affects the stability and control…

  • OP1177 Common Mode Voltage

    I am trying to use the OP1177 as a differential amplifier to measure a DC current shunt. It will have a gain of 50, 2k and 100K ohm. Most of the time the op1177 will be reading the shunt from the low side. It also needs to be able to read a high side…

  • OP1177 / OP2177 / OP4177 Input impedance

    I don't find any information about the input impedance in the datasheet. Could
    you provide me any?


    We do not have the data that you are looking for. Based on what we know about
    the design, differential resistance is roughly 6 MΩ, common mode…

  • OP1177 current noise density and corner frequency

    I have a question about OP1177 which I would like to use to amplify very low
    signals at low frequencies (current anbd voltage measurement in a railway
    However the data sheet does not provide a current noise graph on which I could

  • Evaluation board for AD8421 and OP1177


    I recently ordered the AD8421 instrumentation amplifier and the OP1177 operational amplifier and would like to know what evaluation boards I could use to test them. Any suggestions?


    Chris Rhynes

  • OP1177/OP2177/OP4177 addtional information on slew rate

    I'm looking for information about slew rate of the OP2177.

    In the datasheet there is only a typical value with one load  (0.7V/µs).

    Do you have more data:
    - Min / max value over the temperature  range
    - variation with the load


    The slew…

  • OP1177 output ocsillation in  AD5726 datasheet reference circuit

    In AD5726 datasheet ,Figure25 have OP1177 voltage follower.

    And OP1177 output have 0.2uF capacitor.

    But voltage follower OP1177 with output 0.2uF have only a few phase margine  in ADIsim.

    I think that this circuit is unstable.

    Is this consideration…

  • 关于OP1177的供电电源?



  • Inconsistencies in Datasheet Formulas for OP1177 / OP2177 / OP4177

    There are few inconsistencies in the "BAND-PASS KRC OR SALLEN-KEY FILTER " section on page 21, Rev. G of this datasheet: http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/OP1177_2177_4177.pdf

    Formula (3):        Q = K * sqrt(R1 / R2…