• OP07: ESD protection

    Typically the ESD has the following characteristics (signal applied at
    amplifier input) :
    * 20 to 800 mA peak to peak
    * period of 200 nano sec
    * total duration of 1 micro sec

    Is the "proprietary ESD protection circuitry" of OP07 sufficient to…

  • OP07:输入输出波形频率不一致

    输入100HZ的正弦波,但是输出的是3-9KHZ的波形,并且变化得像直流,不像正弦波了。请问一下,大家有遇到 过这个问题吗?都是怎么解决的?

  • Has the OP07S (5962R9863901VGA) been characterized for ELDRS?

    Has there been any characterization to determine if the OP07S (5962R9863901VGA) exhibits ELDRS? 

    Is there any low dose rate TID data that shows tolerance for space missions and low dose environments?


    Brendin Johnson

  • RE: OP07 SPICE Model


    OP07 model is already available on LTspice library.
    However, this part is not recommended for new designs.
    You may want to try or to check ADA4077 and ADA4177 which is an alternate part of OP07.

    Thanks and regards!

  • OP07 Supply voltage

    Hello ,

    I am using OP07 in a current measurement circuit. (Closed loop configuration).

    I need the opamp to tolerate up to +/- 20V Common mode voltage.

    For 15V it's written that the common mode voltage is +/-13.5V over all the temp. range.

    So for 20V…

  • How to understan the large-signal voltage gain for OP07


    what are the differences between the large signal votage gain and small-signal voltage gain.

  • OP97 / OP07 spice models

    I have a bunch of OP97 op amps that I'm trying to simulate in LTSPICE-  so I have a few questions:

    1) Why is this not found in the LT SPICE library?  Or anywhere else ?  

    2) Can I use the OP07 as a simulation model instead?

    3)  When using an existing spice…

  • Hi! Can I replacement this desgin with OP07. I tried but ı couldn't get signal like this. Lso in Op07 spice model the 1 and 8 pins seems.But I don't know what to do that.

  • can OP07 be used with single supply ??

    HI Everyone,

    Can  I use op-amp IC OP07 using single supply voltage of +5 Volt?. While doing so which characteristics I am going to loose?

    Thanks and Regards,