• OP07 Replacement

    Can I use OP27 instead of OP07 in my new application.

  • RE: AD421设计电流源关于外部运放选择问题


  • OP07 SPICE Model

    I am looking for OP07 SPICE models.

    Is there a spice model for the OP07CSZ?

  • OP97 / OP07 spice models

    I have a bunch of OP97 op amps that I'm trying to simulate in LTSPICE-  so I have a few questions:

    1) Why is this not found in the LT SPICE library?  Or anywhere else ?  

    2) Can I use the OP07 as a simulation model instead?

    3)  When using an existing spice…

  • OP07: ESD protection

    Typically the ESD has the following characteristics (signal applied at
    amplifier input) :
    * 20 to 800 mA peak to peak
    * period of 200 nano sec
    * total duration of 1 micro sec

    Is the "proprietary ESD protection circuitry" of OP07…
  • RE: Current and Voltage Monitor with AD7606

    Hi Dogan,

    I am moving this to the amplifier community as your quesitons seem to be primarily around the OP07.



  • RE: ADuC842 calibration

    Hi MMA!!

    I have introduced the OP AMP (OP07), but i don't have received any improvement!

  • AD711 replacement solution

    Hello there

                       Ask everyone, what alternative chip or solution is there for the AD711 chip,

    can OP07 or OP177 completely replace the AD711? Or there are other better chips.


                                                                                                                       Thanks everyone…