• RE: OP07 Supply voltage

    Hi Amr:  The maximum nominal supply for OP07 is +/-18V, as listed as a condition on the PSRR spec.

    Also, +/-21.5V is uncomfortably close to the abs max supply spec of +/-22V.

    The Vcm range (condition on the CMRR spec) is only listed to +/-13V, so you'd…

  • OP07: ESD protection

    Typically the ESD has the following characteristics (signal applied at
    amplifier input) :
    * 20 to 800 mA peak to peak
    * period of 200 nano sec
    * total duration of 1 micro sec

    Is the "proprietary ESD protection circuitry" of OP07…
  • OP07 SPICE Model

    I am looking for OP07 SPICE models.

    Is there a spice model for the OP07CSZ?

  • OP07 Replacement

    Can I use OP27 instead of OP07 in my new application.

  • OP97 / OP07 spice models

    I have a bunch of OP97 op amps that I'm trying to simulate in LTSPICE-  so I have a few questions:

    1) Why is this not found in the LT SPICE library?  Or anywhere else ?  

    2) Can I use the OP07 as a simulation model instead?

    3)  When using an existing spice…

  • can OP07 be used with single supply ??

    HI Everyone,

    Can  I use op-amp IC OP07 using single supply voltage of +5 Volt?. While doing so which characteristics I am going to loose?

    Thanks and Regards,


  • OP07运放电路分析


  • Hi! Can I replacement this desgin with OP07. I tried but ı couldn't get signal like this. Lso in Op07 spice model the 1 and 8 pins seems.But I don't know what to do that.

  • 最爱ADI放大器——OP07


    下面的简介主要都是从别的地方摘得,希望大家可以借鉴,当然只要目的还是Analog Discovery


  • 功耗如何计算 Op07

    如果需要知道一个芯片比如op07或2252 在电路中的功耗,应该怎么计算?
    pdf资料上给出的功耗Op07 125mW ,2252 800多mW
    我用78L05给2252供电时,如果认为2252功耗为800mW ,而78L05最大输出电流100mA ,那么应该功率不够,而实际应用时,78L05给三个2252供电都没有问题,这应该怎么理解?