• MAT14 vs. MAT04

    Hi All,

    One of my customers has been using MAT04 transistor for their Log amplifier.

    Recently, their MAT04 stock become decrease and it is pressing them to start replacement design by MAT14.

    For estimating the impact on their Log Amplifier performance…

  • MAT14 Cebo spefification

    Hi All,

    I received question mail from my customer as next.

    The data sheet of MAT14 says that Cebo: 40pF typ at Vcb=15V, Ie=0, and f=1MHz.

    My understanding of the Cebo is base-emitter capacitance at collector is open.

    If my understanding is correct…

  • MAT14 - wrong figure 5 in Datasheet  Rev A 10_2012

    My customer has problems with Figure 5 of the MAT14.  Of the datasheet.
    (Base Emiter Volage versus Collector Current)

    The MAT 14 shows a change in the slop at about 500uA
    while the MAT04 did not have a change in the slope


    The graph…