• RE: About EVAL-AD5791 LTZ1000A


    BTW, according to the pcb, one CAP should be assembled on U5(TO-5), I think it's isolation CAP for LTZ1000.  Do you know the type of CAP?



  • RE: AD5791 EVM

    1. EVAL-SDP-CB1Z 控制板

    2. EVAL-AD5791SDZ AD5791评估板

    3. EV-ADR445-REFZ, EV-LTZ1000-REFZ, EV-LTC6655-REFZ, 参考基准源根据自己性能需要任选其一。

  • RE: Very low noise DAC

    Hi Dominic,

    Please have a look at AD5791, a 20-bit part with 0.1-10Hz noise similar to AD5780.

    The EVB of this part has a daughter board option which uses LTC6655 and LTZ1000.


  • RE: AD5791如何选择基准电压源获得20位电压分辨率


  • RE: hi  I am using AD5791 with control word "000000000000000000000100" . I Get  2 mV at LSB. Is that correct ? Is my control word setting is correct?


    LT1002 is an operational amplifier. Can you please clarify how you used this as the reference? what is your input to the amplifier? could send the connections you've made?

    You could refer to the AD5791 board user guide for different reference…

  • VREFP and VREFN have no effect

    I am using the software (Ver. 1.2) for the EVAL-AD5791SDZ and the reference voltages (VEREFP and VREFN) have no effect on the analog output voltage.  I can change the output with the Program Voltage but I need to calibrate the board output.  I am using…

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  • RE: AD5791: Bad results for linearity measurement

    Hi Anoop,

    The issue here is the voltage reference that is being used. It will not be possible to obtain 1LSB INL with the ADR01BRZ.

    An ultra-stable temperature controllable reference will be needed for this DAC to get the best performance achievable…

  • RE: AD5791 operate voltage

    Hi Rainier

    Thanks for sharing your comment, 

    I'll try to use a LDO with variable resistance to vary my reference input on the AD5791, 

    since LTZ1000, LTC6655 & ADR445 are hard to vary their output voltage. 


    But if AD5791's reference input can operate…

  • Modeling the LTC2380-24 reference pin currents

    Dear all,

    I have a lab measurement application that requires fast sampling with high DC accuracy. For the ADC we have selected the LTC2380-24 with a 5 V reference input voltage (derived from an LTZ1000 reference). The input voltages will be sampled in…