• Difference between LTZ1000A and LTZ1000


    We consider  LTZ1000 replacement to LTZ1000A.

    Because LTZ1000A is getable.

    Can we use with same characteristics in our considering Θja?

    In datasheet, Θja is different and Icc cause temperature’s rising (equivalent to about 10°)…

  • RE: EV-LTZ1000-REFZ

    Hi Sahar,

    We can't give the gerber file.

    Connector_Name    X_Axis    Y_Axis  Orientation  Model Name

    The point refers to the "square" pin of the connector (Marked with red line)

    The 0,0 of the coordinate is at the edge of the board at lower…

  • VREF LTZ1000 -55 +125

    hello AD folks

    i see on main page LTZ1000 spec operating temp as -55 to 125 and non ROHS

    may i know what is the particular ROHS detail?

    is there some kind of material report that could be read?

    im asking because i want to know if i could order the non…


    i want to design motherboard for the EV-LTZ1000-REFZ,  SO i need the .brd of the board or gerber files to know the accurate distance between the connectors and the pins. where i can find this information? files of EVAL-AD5791SDZ can also being useful for me…

  • device testing of LTZ1000 / LTZ1000A

    I would like to know the thermal history of these devices, out of the package.

    The latest datasheet indicates, that the electrical parameters are tested at 25°C only, but there's Note 2, that these devices are 'QA tested at -55°C and +125°C'.…

  • EVAL-AD5791SDZ and LTZ1000 Voltage Reference / HP3458A



    I am a so called 'volt-nut' and waste my time on ppm's instead of women, wine and song.


    I have 2 questions to ADI:


    1/ Why is the PCB space to the right almost totally undocumented? A little reverse engineering shows that the tracing…

  • RE: Best Reference for Long Term Drift and Hysteresis

    Hi Ben,

    6656 can take -55 to 125degC operating Temperature. So it might be that's what you see.

    We have AD587, LT1031 and LTZ1000.

    AD587 and LT1031 is comparable with LT6654 in terms of Specifications.

    LTZ1000 is better in terms of long term drift…

  • ADC which can accept a 7V ref?


    Does ADI (or Linear) make any precision ADC's which can directly accept 7V as Vref?  I.e. is there a 24-bit or 32-bit ADC which can use a LM399 or LTZ1000 as an external reference?


  • RE: AD5791 EVM

    1. EVAL-SDP-CB1Z 控制板

    2. EVAL-AD5791SDZ AD5791评估板

    3. EV-ADR445-REFZ, EV-LTZ1000-REFZ, EV-LTC6655-REFZ, 参考基准源根据自己性能需要任选其一。