• VREF LTZ1000 -55 +125

    hello AD folks

    i see on main page LTZ1000 spec operating temp as -55 to 125 and non ROHS

    may i know what is the particular ROHS detail?

    is there some kind of material report that could be read?

    im asking because i want to know if i could order the non…

  • device testing of LTZ1000 / LTZ1000A

    I would like to know the thermal history of these devices, out of the package.

    The latest datasheet indicates, that the electrical parameters are tested at 25°C only, but there's Note 2, that these devices are 'QA tested at -55°C and +125°C'.…

  • EVAL-AD5791SDZ and LTZ1000 Voltage Reference / HP3458A



    I am a so called 'volt-nut' and waste my time on ppm's instead of women, wine and song.


    I have 2 questions to ADI:


    1/ Why is the PCB space to the right almost totally undocumented? A little reverse engineering shows that the tracing…

  • ADC which can accept a 7V ref?


    Does ADI (or Linear) make any precision ADC's which can directly accept 7V as Vref?  I.e. is there a 24-bit or 32-bit ADC which can use a LM399 or LTZ1000 as an external reference?


  • Modeling the LTC2380-24 reference pin currents

    Dear all,

    I have a lab measurement application that requires fast sampling with high DC accuracy. For the ADC we have selected the LTC2380-24 with a 5 V reference input voltage (derived from an LTZ1000 reference). The input voltages will be sampled in…

  • RE: AD5791 + LTZ1000A reference board


    I was looking at this too - I don't see the LTZ1000 Eval Board - can you please give an explicit link to just that board?


  • RE: About EVAL-AD5791 LTZ1000A


    BTW, according to the pcb, one CAP should be assembled on U5(TO-5), I think it's isolation CAP for LTZ1000.  Do you know the type of CAP?



  • RE: Very low noise DAC

    Hi Dominic,

    Please have a look at AD5791, a 20-bit part with 0.1-10Hz noise similar to AD5780.

    The EVB of this part has a daughter board option which uses LTC6655 and LTZ1000.


  • RE: AD5791如何选择基准电压源获得20位电压分辨率