• LTM9100

    I wanted to use the LTM9100 module using the High Side mode, for protecting an High Voltge (375V) DC/DC.

    Now, I have the following questions:

    1. If I wish to power the LTM9100 from the Isolated Bus (the High Voltage side), accordingly to the data sheet…
  • LTM9100

    Hi Eric,

    thank you for your answers, very usefull, but I have now the following question:

    I would like to avoid a dedicated High Side power source for the Vs of the module, so I would like to set up a "bootstrap" process with the DC/DC (375Vin to…

  • LTM9100


    I'm looking for having information on the MTBF and reliavility of the LTM9100 component, it is new, but may be data should be available. I didn't find anything on the web site.

    Thank you

  • Ltm9100 Power dissipation


    I am designing a ~ 5.5KW 3 Phase AC/DC converter with 580V output DC. Its max current will be around 12A. The problem is when i am limiting inrush current to 1A the output capacitor are charged properly as voltage rises but during the turn on time…

  • LTM9100 simulation model


    I am trying to simulate the LTM9100 in LTspice but I noticed that there is no 'SENSE-' pin in the model only the 'SENSE+' pin is present. Is some other pin doing the function of 'SENSE-' or it's a defect in the model?

  • LTM9100 - faster soft start


    I am currently simulating the LTM9100 for a new product (using high side switching 270VDC).

    The soft start pin has internal 220nF capcitor, which limits the soft-start ramp.

    I would like to get faster soft-start. I simulated adding 10kohm resistor…

  • LTM9100 PADS file or layout guide


    I can't find a PADS PCB file on reference design file DC2423A.zip.

    Do we have LTM9100 PADS File for reference layout (such as demo board)?

    Or the reference layout guide for the module.

    Please kindly share with me.

    Thank you for your help.

  • LTM9100 High Voltage AC Switch Application


    I was looking LTM9100's datasheet and I saw that we can switch AC high voltage with this module as shown in Figure 44 at datasheet. Now, I wonder that what features I can not use under high voltage AC application ? According to figure 44 I can use…

  • How to use LTM9100 (AC Circuit Breaker)


    I have a question about the LTM9100.
    The usage example of the AC circuit breaker is referred to (p.51 / Fig. 44).


    I want to cut an AC line that flows 20 to 30A.…

  • LTM9100 Constant Current with load voltage monitoring failure


    I'm using LTM9100 for monitoring current and voltage generated by Constant current source as well as for OV protection , the application diagram i have used for reference is below.

    Can i use below circuitry for Constant current operation by connecting…