• [LTM9011-14] Are two DCO clk synchronized?

    Hi. I'm using LTM9011-14.

    According to manual of LTM9011-14, there are 2 DCO PIN. ( DCOA,DCOB) .

    DCOA is data clock output for channels  1,4,5,8 and DCOB is for 2,3,6,7.

    Are this two clock output synchronized?

     If I use all 8 channels, can I use either…

  • RE: LTM9011-14 input matching filter calculations

    We do not recommend using a conjugate match into the ADC, we recommend using an external 50ohm termination and then match to that.  The ADC input is a complex impedance that changes over sample rate and input frequency, so doing a conjugate match won't…

  • RE: LTM9011 evaluation issue

    Are you concerned with the tone right next to the fundamental?  That looks like it is the 3rd harmonic of the input signal. 

  • Dgital Isolator for LTC2320-14

    Hi all,

    I would like to know if you can recommend any  LVDS digital isolator for the ADC LTC2320-14. I am going to use a CLK_F of 50 MHZ to achive approx. a conversion frequency  of 900 Ksps. My problem now is  I cant find the relationship between the ADC and…

  • RE: VCU108 Xilinx with AD9172 --> ad917x_reset failed (-14) ?

    Inagy could you confirm that Lane Invert must be 0 for Ultrascale ? for now it set to 0x0F

    and what about FBDIV ? for Ultrascale ? i have 40 dec

    is this correct ?

  • LTC2324-14 PSRR

    Hi all,

    I want to know the PSRR of LTC2324-14, could I get some specifications for that?

    Now I am considering using a switching regulator power supply for LTC2324-14.

    Best Regards,


  • LTC2155-14 demo board (DC1564A-C) analog readback issues


    I am using the LTC2155-14 demo board (DC1564A-C). A FPGA board is used to communicate with DC1564A-C for 14bit readback and for SPI interface through the FMC connector. 

    With an external 50MHz clock (clk+), I can readback the correct test patterns…

  • LTC2324-14 SCK input clock

    Hi all,

    Is it okay to always input the clock to LTC2324-14?

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  • In LTC2312-14 , SDO MSB is not going to high

    Dear ADI Enginner,

    I am using LTC2312-14 ADC in my design. The PCB has been designed as per the application circuit and I am using the Vref = 2.5V , Vdd = 3.3V. In some of the assemble PCB the SDO MSB bit is going to high but in some cards its permanently…