• [LTM9011-14] Are two DCO clk synchronized?

    Hi. I'm using LTM9011-14.

    According to manual of LTM9011-14, there are 2 DCO PIN. ( DCOA,DCOB) .

    DCOA is data clock output for channels  1,4,5,8 and DCOB is for 2,3,6,7.

    Are this two clock output synchronized?

     If I use all 8 channels, can I use either…

  • LTM9011-14 input matching filter calculations


    To calculate an input matching filter for LTM9011-14 I'm looking to one or several following options:

    1) a model of analogue input for that ADC (in the format of  NI AWR or any similar)

    2) S-parameters of the analogue input for that ADC (in the…

  • LTM9011 evaluation issue

    There are some issues when we use LTM9011 in our system.  Fin=330.1MHz, Fs=120MHz, FFT as follows:

    There is another 20MHz clock in our system. So we think the 9.6M 49.6MHz tones is caused by the 20MHz coupling. But we confused the reason of 30.1MHz tone…

  • LTM9011 Recommended Front End circuit for input frequencies above 300Mhz

        When we evaluted LTM9011 performance of Fin>300Mhz, the front End circuit  as follows(recommended by datasheet) seems not work well. The adc's dynamic performance is poor. The SNR and SFDR can't meet spec.

        We find 2.7nH seems the key point…

  • 2011-01-10 14:14:47     workqueue

    2011-01-10 14:14:47     workqueue

    Chris Brissette (UNITED STATES)

    Message: 97302   

    I have been hunting a random lockup, happens about once a week. Seems like it has something to do with the using the ttybf1 uart.  I have been looking to where workqueue…

  • 2011-09-14 14:43:03     user spi

    2011-09-14 14:43:03     user spi

    Dario Bueno-Baques (MEXICO)

    Message: 103388   

    Hi everybody:

    I planning to develop an application for the bf537 stamp where is necessary to acquire some data from and ADC (16 bits simultaneous sample i.e like AD7655) make…

  • 2008-05-14 14:34:13     Memory Protection

    2008-05-14 14:34:13     Memory Protection

    Henning Manteuffel (GERMANY)

    Message: 55833   

    I connected an FPGA to the Blackfin address/data bus for accelerating arithmetic computations.

    Is there a way to unprotect certain addresses in user space so that…

  • 2008-01-14 14:07:12     ~~Many Thanks~~

    2008-01-14 14:07:12     ~~Many Thanks~~

    Kris Dickie (CANADA)

    Message: 49562    I think it's important to give the BF-uClinux support team credit. I run a support forum for my company as well (although much less traffic), and I know how demanding it can become…

  • 2011-03-14 14:18:22     Problem with CONFIG_DEBUG_EARLY_SERIAL

    2011-03-14 14:18:22     Problem with CONFIG_DEBUG_EARLY_SERIAL

    Timur Aydin (TURKEY)

    Message: 98924   

    I was debugging an intermittent boot issue with my blackfin BF537-0.3 board. I defined the CONFIG_DEBUG_EARLY_SERIAL option in the hope of getting more…

  • 2010-11-14 01:14:10     EZ-Kit for BF533

    2010-11-14 01:14:10     EZ-Kit for BF533

    Jawad Riaz (PAKISTAN)

    Message: 95825   


    I am trying to install linux on a EZ kIt for Blackfin....I have configured the host PC with linux GCC and other repositories...I need help on how to configure the toolchain…