• How does the gas sensor cope with methane/natural gas?

    How does the gas sensor cope with methane/natural gas?

  • CN-0338 (NDIR Thermopile-Based Gas Sensing Circuit) gas sensor board

    I have a CN-0338 (NDIR Thermopile-Based Gas Sensing Circuit) gas sensor board. i make the second board (upper board) from the "CN0338-DesignSupport" files.  now i have some questions and i will become thankful if you help me.
  • RE: LTC2943 Gas Gauges

    A lot depends on loading of the bus and the speed you are running.   The logic 1 is limited by the RC time constant of the pull up so there is a limitation and tradeoff between speed and power that way.  

    You can also use accelerators like LTC4311  


    Newbie question I am afraid. Where in Sigma Studio can you see how much of the resources are taken as you create a project?

  • CN0338 gas mesurement

    Hi everyone!

     I am working on ADuCM360_demo_cn0338 and I have an issue about the demo. I cloned the code from git and it updates every time when I open the cces, also  followed the configuration of the devices form the site. In additon, I can debug and…

  • Gas sensor CN-0357


    I have the EVAL-CN0357-ARDZ, which is a arduino compatible eval board for the gas sensor CN0357.

    I would like to connect it via the GPIOs to a controller board, instead of an arduino. Should it be enough to connect the GND, 3V3, RX and TX pins?…

  • Instrumentation: Liquid and Gas Sensing

    Liquid and gas sensors are widely used in medical, environmental, and industrial applications. Even if you don't deal with these specific applications, I think you'll be interested in the analog circuit techniques required to process the low current…

  • Instrument Amplifier For Gas Analyzer Assistance Needed

    Hello.  I am requesting some assistance on a circuit I am wanting to design.  This design is a gas analyzer with a local lcd display.  I have a Figaro KE-25 oxygen sensor, that has a 0% to 100% oxygen level range.  This oxygen level is represented by a mV…

  • negative sensitivity on gas sensor from alphasense

    I am implementing a gas concentration measurement system based on boards CN0429 and ADICUP3029, software from GitHUB ADuCM3029_demo_cn0428_cn0429. When I look for the alphasense manufacturer's data for its NO2 and O3 sensors (NO2-A43F and OX-A431, both…

  • Finding Industrial Controller for creating Gas monitoring system

    Hi I am looking for the 32 bit controller with I2C base gas sensor MQ-2 Propane Butane Methane Alcohol Gas Sensor ADC121C 12-Bit ADC I2C Mini Module - store.ncd.io  will be able to get compatible and share the result not only through embedded solution but…