• LTM8078 LTPowerCAD


    when will the LTM8078 be availiable in LTPowerCAD?



  • LTM8078 TRSS1 TRSS2 pins


    I'm going to use LTM878 in my design . Starting from a nominal 24V I would like to generate

    - one 3.3V 2A using one LTM8078 (U1)  configured with shared loads and TRSS1 and TRSS2 pins shorted together as suggested in datasheet

    - one 1.8V (0…


    Hey Man 

    There are totally 3 LTM8078 chips on board . After powering up  , one of them oscillated at about 100KHz (100mV)

    The oscillated one should output 5.5V and 8.0V ,  Actually it generated 5.8V and 7.5V .

    Do you have any clues about this issue ?

  • LTM8078 Feedback Resistor Equation

    Hi, I would like to use the LTM8078 uModule regulator but am unable to find the resistor feedback equation to generate the correct output voltage for a given resistance. 

    Also, is there a Spice model for this device? 

    Many thanks! 

  • Positive to negative -4V converter via LTM8078

    Dear Sir or Madam 

    I'm gonna  to apply LTM8078 to generate a -4V power supply  .

    where ,VIN = 15V ,Vout = -4V ,Fsw = 1.4MHz, spread spectrum modulation .

    here is the schematic , Please help me have a check , Will it work well in excellent performance…

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