• Synchronize two LTM8074 with LTC6908-1 configured for spread spectrum

    Hi, I'm working on a design that uses two LTM8074 components, one for 3.3V and one for 5V. I want to synchronize them with a 180 degree phase shift using the LTC6908-1. I'd like to use spread spectrum if possible but, I'm unsure if the modulation rate…

  • LTM8074 - SYNC input pin not working for me in LTSpice model


    I'm trying model a power system in LTSpice that is synchronized to a master clock.

    One of the components I'd like to use is the LTM8074.  

    I think I'm using it correctly , but I can't seem to get the operating frequency of the LTM8074 to sync…

  • Buck or LDO

    Hello team,

    I am rather confuse on my selection of using LDO or using buck.

    My power input range from10.8V-13V and I require a regulated  output of 10V and 1.2A.

    I am currently looking at LTM8074 and LT1965.

    Which would be more suitable for my use? I am…

  • RE: LTM8020 BIAS pin impedance / current consumption


    normal absmax of BIAS is 25V, but another ds statement limits the sum of VIn and BIAS to 47V.

    Hence with 35V VIN. BIAS should not exceed 12V.

    But when deriving the power for BIAS pin via resistive divider from VINyou do not save power, it just…

  • Ramin Tavassoli

    I need to know if LTM8074 is available in  RAD HARD 100 version?
    Or you can recommend one.

    I have 5VDC to 2.5VDC @250ma

  • RE: LTM8051 Negative Vout

    Hi Markus

    Please help me understand this. So in case of LTM8074 where the datasheet says connect the Out with system GND for negative Vout. Now the system GND may have other DC-DC converters with positive Vout as well. So if GND connections can be externally…

  • ADI 全新中文资料(2020 年 4 月)

  • 【在线研讨会】Silent Switcher稳压器: 高效率、超低EMI

    在重视热耗散和效率的场合中,人们会用开关稳压器替代线性稳压器。开关稳压器通常是输入电源总线线路上的首个有源组件,因此对于整个转换器电路的 EMI 性能具有重大的影响。


    在近期的在线研讨会《Silent Switcher稳压器:高效率、超低EMI》中,从原理到封装到布局再到具体产品,重点介绍了大幅降低开关稳压器EMI辐射的新技术。