• LTM8074 Startup time


    We observed some statup time of 300uSec from Vin applied until Vout ramp started.

    In our application we tied the RUN pin to Vin (=8v). SYNC is tied to GND. 

    There is no startup time parameter mentioned in the datasheet

  • LTM8074 Queries

    I am implementing multiple LTM8074 ICs into my design and have a couple of questions :-

    1, For the LTM8074 in the data sheet Table 1. for CIN2** ==> "**An input bulk capacitor is required." If we used multiple chips would each chip need this additional Bulk…

  • RE: LTM8074 LTPowerCAD Model Issue

    Hi SRob80,

    Based on the datasheet of LTM8074, it has four (4) operating modes only such as Burst Mode, Pulse-Skipping Mode, Spread Spectrum Mode and Synchronization Mode. Unfortunately, LTM8074 does not support Force Continuous Mode (FCM) instead it will…

  • LTM8074 Model in LTPowerCAD

    Hi, I recently discovered the LTPowerCAD tool and am using it for the initial design effort based on the LTM8074. The design is simply creating a 750mA@3.3V output from a 5V input. For the transient response, there's a 100mA-to-750mA step at a rate of…

  • RE: LTM8074 Inverting Application

    Hi orchardaudio,

    The connections look okay. You can use the inverting reference design on LTPowerCAD and then the LTM8074 model on LTSpice to verify your design. Please check page 17 of the datasheet for some rules of thumb for the PCB layout.

  • RE: LTM8074 - SYNC input pin not working for me in LTSpice model

    Please do SYNC RELEASE in LTspice. The model has been updated and SYNC pin is functional. Thanks!

    Best Regards,


  • LTM8074 To find the average output voltage tolerance

    Hi team,

    We want to design a power supply with an accuracy of 5V ± 2%.

    We are considering excluding transient voltage fluctuations such as load regulation and line regulation.

    I think the LTM8074 is just right for us because the LTM8074 meets…

  • Any leak to LTM8074 Vout pin


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. I have a question by our customer. If there is some leak current from the load to Vout pin of LTM8074 and -0.2V is generated between Vout and GND, will it suffer any damage to LTM8074? In this case, the Vin pin has no connection…

  • LTM8074 RT pin


    I'm DFAE in Japan. Our customer is evaluating LTM8074 and asked a question about RT pin to resistor.

    According to Page10 of LTM8074 DS, minimize capacitance at this pin. In order to get closer to the recommended resistor value listed in DS, when…

  • Driving the SYNC pin on the LTM8074

    If I drive the SYNC pin from a 74LVC inverter (3.3V CMOS output):

    1. should it be AC coupled?

    2. If AC-coupled should I pull-up/pull-down the SYNC pin at the LTM8074 side to define operation at startup?