• LTM8074 RT pin


    I'm DFAE in Japan. Our customer is evaluating LTM8074 and asked a question about RT pin to resistor.

    According to Page10 of LTM8074 DS, minimize capacitance at this pin. In order to get closer to the recommended resistor value listed in DS, when…

  • RE: LTM8074 To find the average output voltage tolerance

    Hi Yoshi, the voltage at FB tolerance is for the internal reference voltage. The internal resistor has 1% tolerance, which needs to be considered with the RFB tolerance. 

  • 3D step model for LTM8074

    Is a 3D step model available for LTM8074?

  • LTM8074 datasheet error

    PACKAGE DESCRIPTION Table 3 has an error... SYNC should be "D5"

  • LTM8074 design tool availability

    When will the design tool (LTPowerCAD/Excel Spreadsheet) for the LTM8074 will be available ?


  • LTM8074 datasheet transposed digits

    In Datasheet LTM8074 REV A 11/18 in Table 1 is a small error. In row for Vout = -3,3V Rf schould be something like 76,8kOhm instead of 26,8kOhm.

  • LTM8074 min off time

    I will use IN 12V out  9V(0.7A)

    Is there a minimum OFF time rule for duty?

    It looks like about 100ns in LTpowerCAD.

  • Driving the SYNC pin on the LTM8074

    If I drive the SYNC pin from a 74LVC inverter (3.3V CMOS output):

    1. should it be AC coupled?

    2. If AC-coupled should I pull-up/pull-down the SYNC pin at the LTM8074 side to define operation at startup?

  • Any leak to LTM8074 Vout pin


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. I have a question by our customer. If there is some leak current from the load to Vout pin of LTM8074 and -0.2V is generated between Vout and GND, will it suffer any damage to LTM8074? In this case, the Vin pin has no connection…

  • EMI test results of evaluation board DC2753A of LTM8074


    I have a question about the results of the EMI test described in the demo manual of the DC2753A evaluation board for the LTM8074.

    The first page of the manual says "The radiated EMI performances of the board (with EMI filter) are shown in Figure…