• LTM8073 parallel output with different Vin and RUN pin

    Hi ,

    I would like to know if there will be some possible issue when connecting the two LTM8073 as in the figure below.

    The output is common but each unit has a different Vin and RUN, ground is common. It is requested that  only one VIN/RUN pair is active…

  • LTM8073 FCCM


    I don't understand from the datasheet if the LTM8073 has a FCCM mode.

    I would like to get an answer for this issue.


  • LTM8073 efficiency

    Hi everyone,

    Nice to have joined the forum, I've found it useful many times. I've a question about the subject above. I'm running some simulations of that micro-module on LTPowerCad II but I got a strange behaviour on "Loss Estimate" Tab. I…

  • LTM8073 Ordering Information


    The datasheet for the LTM8073 only shows two ordering options (LTM8073EY#PBF & LTM8073IY#PBF), both of which describe the device as having device marking e1 and being ROHS (tin solder balls). 

    The LTM8073 page (https://www.analog.com/en/products…

  • LTM8073 PG output


    Can I use LTM8073 PG pin (A3) to drive 2mA LED?

  • Abnormal operation of LTM8073

    I had a question from a customer about LTM8073.


    My customers have confirmed the operation by changing the output voltage of the LTM8073 to 3.3V and the input voltage to 4.5V to 28V. When this operation is confirmed, when the voltage is between 4.5V and…

  • Minimum off-time for LTM8073


    Please let me know the minimum off-time of LTM8073. 

    I plan to use in Vin≒VOUT condition.

    Best regards 

    Thank you very much.

  • LTM8073 Part Number


    in my master thesis I want to use the uModule LTM8073. I'm wondering what the difference is between the module with part number LTM8073EY#PBF and LTM8073IY#PBF? Unfortunately I can't find anything in the datasheet.

  • LTM8073 Micro module frequent failure

    I am using the LTM8073 micro module as 50V to 5V buck converter. My load current is 1A. I faced three failures in 1 month span. I have used the same reference circuit given in datasheet and followed all recommendations. Not able to point the root cause…