• LTM8071 output cannot be shutdown by setting “RUN” to 0V


    as shown by our schematics, LTM8071 output cannot be shutdown by set “RUN” to 0V.

    We tested the voltage of RUN pin by multimeter, it showed 0V indeed.

    We changed another chip of LTM8071, it was the same.

  • RE: LTM8071 .sub Code Convert

    Hi Nebi,

    When load sharing, Vin, Vout, and SHARE pins of the LTM8071s should be tied together. When you say one output is disconnected and one output is still connected to the load, maybe the Vout pins are not tied together? That could explain the circuit…

  • RE: LTM8071 Suitable For Mil-STD-704F Abnormal Operation?

    Hello, I was reviewing the datasheet for the LTM8071 and I noticed that the input range goes from 3.6V to 60V. You can see that on the screenshot below.

    However, if you look at the Figure 14. Limits for overvoltage and undervoltage for 28 volts DC system…

  • LTM8071 Filtering the share pin


    I have two LTM8071 on two separate boards. The user has the choice to increase the current on the output by connecting the outputs and the share pins together.

    As the 2 LTM8071 are located on 2 separate boards, the share signal can be a bit long and…

  • RE: LTM8071 parallel mode

    Hi Dave,

    The 'Load sharing' section doesn't indicate should tire FB pins together. And it addresses the configuration for paralleling two LTM8071s should refer to the schematic in Typical Applications section. So please follow the schematic in Typical…

  • Analog LTM8071


    In performing LT Spice simulation I came across a finding where the VOUT curve of the simulation peaked to just under the input voltage of +12V before settling back and rising toward the set point of +3.3V.  I placed a PDF of that chart as an attach…

  • LTM8071 PG pin does not seem to work in simulation

    In the LTSpice simulation, the PG pin seems to go high when the output is at 1.4v for my 5v application.  Is this just a problem in simulation or does the real part behave this way?

  • LTM8071 soft-start time versus capacitor value to ground on TR/SS pin

    I am planning to hang a capacitor to ground off the TR/SS pin of part number LTM8071 and wanted to make sure I understand the relationship between its value and the soft-start time.

    I interpret the 2uA pulling this voltage to 2.4V to mean the soft-start…

  • Output Voltage of LTM8071


    Would you let me know the following spec of LTM8071 so that I can calculate possible Vout range?

    - Maximum Duty Cycle, Minimum On Time, Maximam OFF Time, etc

    What is the minimum input voltage can output 3.3V output?



  • What do the E and I mean in Linear Tech power module part numbers?

    The LTM8071 and similar devices all have E and I part versions (i.e. LTM8071EY and LTM8071IY), with different prices but no differences in the datasheet. How do I decide between these two part numbers?