• LTM8067 strange behaviour

    Hi everyone!

    I have faced strange behaviour of one of four LTM8067 in my scheme. I have two channels(ch1 and ch2) in my design, each has 2 ltm8067: one for 5.0V output and one for 3.3V output. With LTM8067 for 5V0 out I have no problems at all, but one…

  • The output noise of LTM8067 is high

    I used LTM8067 to generate 5V voltage, the input voltage is 24V. However, the output voltage is very noisy.

  • LTM8067输出问题


  • LTM8067 Input to Output resistance (Insulation Resistance)

    Hi all,

    What is the input to output resistance of the LTM8067?

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  • About LTM8067: What is the barrier capacitance between primary- and secondary side of this module?

    LTM8067 could be used for 15V Floating IGBT Gate Drive. Here is a question about this application. What is the barrier capacitance between the primary side and secondary side of this u-module? Many thanks for your information.

  • LTM8067 output paralleling with resistor


    I want to use two LTM8067 module in parallel with 32V input to get 5V, 500mA output. To have current sharing, I want to use 100mOhm series resistor for each LTM8067 output. Is it a good way to have current sharing?

    I know LTM8057 output current is…

  • LTM8067 Boost Converter

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    In our current design, we thought of using "LTM8067" for conversion from 12V-> 15V @ 0.1A and 12V-> -15V @ 0.1A

    Will the regulator support above requirement ?

  • LTM8067 - Radiated Emissions

    Hi, Looking at Radiated emissions of the LTM8067 with near field probe, I appear to be getting significant radiated emissions from the top of the device and out through input and output filter stages causing cross coupling onto nearby circuitry. The frequency…

  • LTM8067 Evaluation board DC2357A


    Please let me know your advice about DC2357A of the evaluation board LTM8067.


    L1_XFL3012 (OPT) is used  in the shematices of DC2357A.

    Is this used for EMI ?


    If you have any data of LTM8067, could you give me it ?

    Our customer uses 5 pieces…

  • LTM8067 modules ORing

    Dear Analog,

    In my design, I am using 12 Nos of LVDS isolator # ADN4650.  Total Current requirement for these chip is more than 500mA. 

    We should use Isolated regulator which can source more than 500mA @ 3.3V or 500mA@ 2.5V derived from 15V/28V input.