• LTM8064 OUTPUT capacitor

    I will use LTM8064 at 19V,12V,9V.

    By datasheet ,LTM8065's Cout is used Tantalum capacitor.

    I want to know why LTM8064 use Tantalum .

    For example " need low ESR." or "need large capacity."

    if we can it ,we want to change Cout from…

  • LTM8064 with 12A Peltier device

    I want to use LTM8064 for 12A Petier deice.

    And I control the set point of LTM8064's current

    Do you have any idea for this application?

  • LTM8064 source/sink current capability

    There are two questions here.
    (1) LTM8064 is a 58Vin, 6A CV CC Step down uModule Regulator.
    and LTM8064 can source current up to 6A @ Vout=24V,
    source current up to 4A @ Vout=36V from the datasheet.
    BUT no immediate data between 24Vout ~ 36Vout

    I am wondering…

  • DC2237A - LTM8064

    I have EMI problem now.

    DC2237A demo board schematic has the optional circuit for EMI filter.

    Would you show me the actual circuit for it? which parts do you use for it?

  • Application of LTM8064

    Datasheets on LTM8064 show a circuit of 2 supercapacitors. Can I apply this circuit to 16 supercapacitors? What is
    the advantage of this circuit over a transistor in key mode and shunting resistor balance circuit?

  • 4 cell Li-Ion with LTM8055/LTM8064 ?

    Hi, I was going to use the LTM8062A as my 4 cell battery charger but for system efficiency I think I want to switch to the LTM8054 or LTM8055.  Are there any recommended designs or red flags I need to know before jumping in?  

    It looks like I can set the…

  • LTM8064 load sharing problems


    I implemented LTM8064 in my board.

    I used it in load sharing mode with two modules that are connected in parallel, while connecting the pins according to the datasheet.

    Vout was configured to 28V

    The test was: Measuring input current,at zero load, with…

  • LTM8064 and other uModules at LTpice

    I tried simulating LTM8064 and LTM8073 at LTspice(in the company default test fixture), but the Input current had high and unacceptable ripples(6-8A).

    Does anyone else had the same phenomena? Also the RMS current was very high..

    I tried to add input capacitance…

  • LTM8064 : whether IOUTMON functionality will work or not for negative output configuration?

    Hi Team

    I have a query regarding  LTM8064. I would like to use this device for negative output as mentioned below. Can you please suggest whether IOUTMON functionality will work or not?

    I am not getting accurate results at IOUTMON pin while using in negative…

  • Some questions about the chip LTM8064

    Can VIN have voltage when VOUT is applied with 5V and VIN is not applied?
    Can it be used as a bidirectional converter?