• LTM8063 inverting layout

    I was planning on using the LTM8063 as an inverting SMPS to go from +12V to -5.5V.  Simulation seems to work ok.  I have followed the datasheet suggestions and added extra circuitry.  

    1) Is there anything in my schematic that is wrong, so wrong that it won…

  • LTM8063: RUN pin hysteresis

    We're planning on integrating the LTM8063 in one of our designs. We need a relatively large (500ms) start-up delay, because the inrush current of the total system is too high if all peripherals in the system start at the same time.

    Is it possible to…

  • RE: LTM8063 Sync pin sampling

    Hi engineer42, for LTM8063 operation mode can be adjusted on the fly. LTM8063 has the spread spectrum mode when you tie SYNC pin between 2.9V and 4.2V. The low input voltage or long ramp up time should not impact on the function of SYNC pin.

  • RE: Ripple spectral measurement - LTM8063 example

    Hi, Linus V.

    Additional information regarding the resolution bandwidth (RBW) setting.

    As you can see on Figure 3a, spread-spectrum frequency modulation mode of LTM8063 produces low frequency noise (orange trace) due to triangular modulation. The reason…

  • About peak output DC current of LTM8063


    Which of the attached figures does the LTM8063 operate when a current higher than the peak output DC current flows?
    If there is a waveform when a current higher than the peak output DC current of LTM8063 flows, I want that waveform.

    best rega…

  • LTM8063 Faliure cause

    I use LTM8063 to get -10V.  today i found my LTM8063 can't output -10V.

    After check, i found the FB pin is short with GND pin.

    i remove all res and cap around LTM8063, then FB is still short with GND pin.

    the input is +12V.

    the sch is like the typical…

  • LTM8063失效问题请教







  • LTM8063 PG pin level shift requirement when outputs negative

    Hi support team.

    I will use LTM8063 as a negative converter.

    Schematic is very similar to datasheet p.20(-5V circuit),and PG pin is pulled up to external +2.5V.

    However ,in this case PG pin low voltage goes -5V level.

    So I want this [-5V - +2.5V] to…

  • LTM8063 on DC2494A ev board: PG pin pull-down

    Hi everyone,

    I am working on a design with the LTM8063 on DC2494 evaluation board. I noticed that the ev board has a 100k pull-up to Vout since the LTM8063 PG is an open collector output. The PG signal goes to an input pin of an ATF1508AS CPLD, which…

  • Question about LTM8063

    Hi All,

    I'd like to know the max duty cycle of the LTM8063. Would you let me know it?