• LTM8055


    I am using this umodule, in order to get 24V 6A from 18V-36V. I noticed that when the current is more than 3A, VOUT starts to derate to 14V and less. I a dont limit current in or out.

    I also noticed that efficiency is ~60%.


    When I checked the…

  • LTM8055 Demo DC2017A can't output 12V when input is 5V

    hello all,

        I have a LTM8055 Demo DC2017A, the LTM8055 datasheet shows input can be +5V, but when I add +5V to DC2017A input, the output is only 1.65V; when I rise the input voltage above 5.7V, the output is 12V corrently. 

        where is the problem? Could…

  • LTM8055输入5V时,输出不正常



  • RE: LTM8055 Quiescent Current

    The spec in the data sheet is for the following condition:
    fsw = 300kHz (RT = 84.5k ohm)
    Vin = 12V
    Vout = 12V 

    Because the internal LDO is powered by VIN, the LDO’s power loss increases with VIN (increased voltage drop across LDO).  Also, an increase…

  • RE: LTM8055 Soft-start

    Hi Hirokuyi-san,

    At 24Vin and 12Vout 0.1A load, I tested using soft-start cap 4.7uF and 47uF. Soft-start time increased to 4.68ms and 6.04ms respectively. I don't think it is possible to have a 150ms soft-start time.

  • Ripple Noise of LTM8055 DC2017A


    Regarding LTM8055 data sheet, I can see the output ripple noise is very low as follows.

    However our customer measured the noise on the demo board DC2017A as follows. The ripple noise is 588mVp-p at Vout=12V, Iout=1.2A.

    Off course the probe setting…

  • Two LTM8055 Peripheral circuit


    My customers are thinking about using two LTM 8055.

    Therefore, They decided to draw a circuit by the composition of data sheet P.20.
    There is a LT1636 between the two LTM 8055.

    #1  In the case of the circuit configuration shown below, is there a detailed…

  • what's the relationship between the output current limit and input current limit of LTM8055?

    "The maximum output current depends upon the input voltage. Higher input voltages yield higher maximum output current."

    why? just because of the more input power with higher Vin?

    the largest output current is 8.5A, so what's the largest input…

  • 怎样使用LTM8055-用作锂电池充电器



  • Are electrolytic capacitors required for Cout of LTM8055?

    Regarding the LTM8055,

    Table 1, on Page 10 of the datasheet, recommends the use of electrolytic capacitors for Cout for all combinations of input and output voltages. Is that necessary for stability or is it just perceived to be a more cost effective…