• LTM8049

    I have built a circuit using a number of umodule regulators (LTM8055, LTM8027, and LTM8049).  The circuit operates but with audible buzzing noise, excess heating, and very unstable output (volt level).  I tracked down that pin C2 (VOUT1N) of the LTM8049…

  • LTM8049

    I d need to output +24.5V and -24.5V from the LTM8049.

    The 24.5V output works fine but the -24.5V one is totally inoperative. All what I get is -6.8 V when setting up -24.5 V.

    294 kOhms is my resistance to set the voltage and 53k6 my resistance to set…

  • LTM8049 output stability


    I want to use the LTM8049 to generate 6.3V and 4.3 V from a 12 V input. According to the LTM8049 datasheet, a very large output capacitor is required for the lower output voltages.

    At the moment I am using a 2 x 10 uF X7R capacitors at the 6.3V…

  • LTM8049 Dual Supply


    Is it possible to use the LTM8049 for two positive supplies, example: OUT1: 9V, OUT2: 3.3V, VIN: 5V, Common GND. Anyone have a reference circuit for something similar? Thanks,

  • LTM8049 INPUT 12V


    I test LTM8049 with 12V input and I do not get +12V and -12V output. When I give input of 15V, I can get +12V and -12V output? In datasheet, it said it can give 12V and -12v at 12V input? Where I am wrong?

    Best Regards

  • LTM8049 soft-start


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer starts the evaluation of LTM8049 by DC2244A. However it doesn't work with 0.5A load as following sequence. I'd like to know the reason.

    1. Set the electronic load for 0.5A.

    2. Supply +12V to DC2244A. But…


    In our design we have to generate +20V and -20V output supply from 12V. So i need LTM8049 predesigned Document at this voltage .I also need Ripple ,Noise,line regulation ,load regulation for this voltage .Can you provide TINA or Pspice module ? Thank…

  • RE: LTM8049 power good reference


    Power good open drain transistor ground is connected to GND.  

  • Problems with LTM8049 power good pins


    I have a question to the power good pins of the LTM8049 vs LTM4643. I am using both in the same circuit. Both are enabled with RUN-pin from the same multiplexer. Both have a pull-up with 100k at their PG-pin and than drive a LED via an FDN357n…

  • LTM8049使用问题