• LTM8024 CLKout into another LTM8024 SYNC

    In LTspice, using the models provided, I fed the CLKout of an LTM8024 into the SYNC input of a second LTM8024. However in doing so the output of CLKout of the first IC was reduced from a nice 0-1V square wave to a 0.55-0.65 triangle wave. In other words…

  • LTspice model of LTM8024 SYNC Input Loading CLKout of another LTM8024

    I haven't received any response to my question which I posted under Power so I'm reposting here.

    See https://ez.analog.com/power/f/q-a/121176/ltm8024-clkout-into-another-ltm8024-sync

    In LTspice, using the models provided, I fed the CLKout of an 

  • RE: LTM8024 Derating Curve

    Hi Chaz.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Will procure it if needed.



  • LTM8024 LTpowerCAD


    Are LTM8024 LTpowerCAD Design tool  scheduled to release soon ?(DC1868A)

    Customer would like to use it ,if it is in time their schedule.

    Best regards 

    Thank you very much.

  • LTM8024 BIAS Pin

    I intend to use two LTM8024 to generate the voltages 1.0V, 1.2V, 1.8V and 3.3V. Sequencing is done in the order 1.0V > 1.2V > 1.8V > 3.3V. Can i connect the BIAS pin of both LTM8024 to the 3.3V supply although it ramps up last? Is it safe to assume that…

  • Synchronizing multiple LTM8024 uModules

    We are building a load sharing design using two LTM8024s. As part of the design we will be providing a sync clock signal into the first uModule, and have routed CLKOUT from the first device into the SYNC input of the second. Regarding the CLKOUT pin,…

  • LTM8024 Turn on time


    Hi Team,

    Please share the turn-On time for LTM8024 (Delay between assertion of RUN and switching operation initiation). This data is not provided in the datasheet.



  • Question about LTM8024 synch. using external clock.


    My customer wants to use two LTM8024 using one external clock.

    For this, they want to know phase information of each channels in below configuration.

    Would you confirm below configuration and let me know your opinions about channel phase differences…

  • LTM4622 - LTM4657 - LTM8024 - LTM4636 - Design Review Request



          LTM4622 - LTM4657 - LTM8024 - LTM4636 are used for power regulation in our telecom project.We would like to know the valuable review comments ASAP.


           Currently used for Industrialized POC, Soon mo…

  • LTM8024 available in LTpowerCAD acc. homepage but not found


    acc. to homepage the LTM8024 is availabe in LTpowerCAD:

    Sync/Release LTpowerCAD today, but still LTM8024 not found: