• RE: LTM4675 test GUI for LTpowerPlay

    LTM4700 is a single 100A module and see if it can match your design.



  • LTpowerplay offline LTM4700

    I want to use LTpowerPlay offline about LTM4700

    But I can not select LTM4700


    can you surpport?

  • LTM4700 LTpowerCAD file Request


    I check 100A power solution of  LTM4700 EVB(DC2702A-A).  but I can't find part in LTpowerPlay.  (ver

    Could you please support LTM4700 lib?

    Best & Regards,


  • RE: LTM4700 RUNP PIN

    Hi sir 

    About the minimum voltage of 0.5V output by the LTM4700, can it be tested under the condition of 100A?

    Another thing to ask is the application of outputting the lowest voltage. From DATASHEET, the lowest voltage test is only 0.8V (PAGE 12). Does…

  • DC2784A-A evaluation board(LTM4700)

    Can't I have a project file of LTpowerplay of DC2784A-A evaluation board?

    I'd like to make it reference of setting.

    (I received a contact in DL page last time, so.) LTM4700 could be operated now off-line.


  • RE: 4款硬核产品、5大年度最佳,ADI角逐2019全球电子成就奖!

    年度电源管理/电压转换器  LTM4700


    LTM4700是一款双路 50A 或单路 100A 降压型 μModule DC/DC稳压器。通过采用创新的散热封装技术,ADI公司将LTM4700 的工作温度控制在仅 73°C左右,其它竞争产品的模块化解决方案运行温度则通常为 90°C。即使在高达 70°C 的环境温度中,只要辅以 200 LFM 气流散热,LTM4700 即可在 12VIN 至 0…