• RE: LTM4700 shutdown waveform

    Hi Patrick, sorry for the delay. The SW node remains switching until the output shuts down to 0V. The Vout is regulated by changing the duty cycle, so the switching action remains active until the gain is 0.

  • RE: LTM4700 150A

    Hi Joe,

    Yes the configuration is feasible.

  • RE: Vout of LTM4700 before writing EEPROM

    Hi Hiroyuki-san, sorry for the delay. Before writing to EEPROM, the LTM4700 runs default setting, with Vout = 1V.

  • RE: LTM4700, Can the two channels be used independently?

    Yes the power stages of the two channels are independent. The two inputs can be separated. 

  • LTM4700


    What is the difference between LTM4700IY#PBF and LTM4700EY#PBF?


  • LTM4700 LTpowerCAD file Request


    I check 100A power solution of  LTM4700 EVB(DC2702A-A).  but I can't find part in LTpowerPlay.  (ver

    Could you please support LTM4700 lib?

    Best & Regards,


  • LTpowerplay offline LTM4700

    I want to use LTpowerPlay offline about LTM4700

    But I can not select LTM4700


    can you surpport?

  • LTM4700 RUNP PIN

    Dear Sir 

    My customer need to design in LTM4700 

    This DC2702A-A EV Kit circuit RUNP PIN is connect to VDD33 PIN 

    The customer needs to know why the SPEC reference circuit is not connected to VDD33, but the EV KIT User guide connects the RUNP PIN to VDD33

  • LTM4700 800A test rpeort


                We check website and have LTM4700x4 for 100A EVM. Customer would like to get transient/ripple/thermal test data for 800A via LTM4700. Do we have  transient/ripple/thermal test data for 800A to customer? Thank you. 




  • How to choose LTM4700 RVOUT resistors

    In my design the output of LTM4700 should be 0.85V@100A, but I cannot find Rvout_cfg and RVtrim_cfg Resistors setting in the datasheet.

    Could you please help to give the guide?

    Thanks in advance.