• LTM4686 overcurrent limit

    Hi,Support team,

    I evaluate DC2722 with the condition of attached settings.

    LTPowerPlay GUI ver.is latest (v1.5.1.0) 

    There are three unclear points about overcurrent limit function.

    a) The current limit works at greater than IOUT_OC_FAULT_LIMIT value…


    After setting the output voltage with RVOUTnCFG and RVTRIMnCFG and starting up,

    we plan to change the voltage with VOUT_COMMAND.

    Is it necessary to change MFR_CONFIG_ALL [6] = 0⇒1b?

    Even if I do not change, sending VOUT_COMMAND will change the output…

  • LTM4686 in extended temperature ranges

    Hello, had a couple of questions on operating the LTM4686 beyond it's rated temperature oil and natural gas equipment:

    1. It is mentioned that the chip “ceases switching action if the control IC exceeds 160C” but will “resume operation after a 10C…
  • LTM4686 question

    I have tested the LTM4686 demo,found there is a question.

    While the Run is low voltage(0V), and Vin voltage is about 12V,for the ideal condition, the output voltage should be 0, but I use multimeter to test the output voltage, found there is about 100mV…

  • Rewriting PSM when using LTM4686 in parallel drive

    I have the following concerns about using LTM4686, please let me know

    The LTM4686 is planned to be used in 4-parallel to drive 0.6V to the MCU.

    Pin-strapresistors configure start-upsettings(output voltage, register address, phase, etc)

    Since I want…

  • LTM4686 PMBUS寄存器转换公式


    LTM4686 通过pmbus读出的寄存器的值,怎么样转换为十进制数呢?是否有转换公式呢?如温度、电压、电流等。

  • LTM4686-1芯片的INTVCC用法

    LTM4686-1芯片的datasheet参考设计中,将INTVCC和SVIN接到一起,并将网络命名为 VIN_AUX,范围在 4.5V到5.75V,请问这个是外部提供给芯片的电源吗?

  • About the Webcast

    This webinar explains uModule Regulators power products. They are system-in-package (SiP) power management solutions with integrated DC/DC controllers, inductors, power transistors, compensation components, input and output capacitors. The devices are…

  • RE: Your products are mostly for high current. What is suitable for low current for 1A to 5A?

    On behalf of Anthony (Tony) Armstrong:
    Actually, we have micromodule regulators without currents as low as 150mA (LTM8008 for example). Nevertheless, we have many micromodule devices with output below 5A, examples include: LTM4634, LTM4675, LTM4686, LTM8023…