• LTM4680 +3.3V and +0.85V Generation reg.


    Is it possible to generate +0.85V(25A) and +3.3V(13A) dual outputs from +12V net using  LTM4680?

    As i am feeding +0.85V for ASIC, i need ripple to be less than 20mV, What should be the Switching frequency for 12V -> +3.3V/+0.85V configuration?

  • The configuration needed for LTM4680 two phase load current sharing

    Hi ADI Expert, 

    I would like to inquire about the proper configuration setting when i use 1 pcs of LTM4680 for 2 phase load current sharing, single output voltage.

    Especially what is the PMBUS command that i need to set for output voltage set, get voltage…

  • LTM4680 closes outputs after a while

    Hi ,

    We have LTM4680  uModules on our custom board. Firstly, we dont want any programming interface and arranged resistors according to what we want  at the output to make it work standalone. Our problem is pgood signal is going low within an interval…

  • LTM4680 How to use LTpowerplay when using as dual phase single output


    I am using LTM4680 as a single 0.8V 60A output on my board, 

    The circuit is working and 0.8v can be checked.

    Please give me some advice for my below questions.

    1.  Can I use LTM4680 with the default value in NVM when using it as a single output?  (my…

  • LTM4680


    I have used LTM4680 for getting 0.85V output. On probing the output, I am getting all the outputs such as VDD33, VDD25 and INTVCC except my Vout which is coming out to be 0V.

    I have connected TSNS0A to TSNS1A and TSNS0B to TSNS1B which is opposite…

  • DC2844A/ LTM4680 two phase load current sharing


    I am testing LTM4680 demo board DC2844A in a interleaved two phase buck operation, but I noticed significant current imbalance according to the telmetry reading. Here is what I did:

    1. I followed the schematic instruction to short some signals. 

  • LTM4680 没输出电压



    I am using LTM4680 to generate +0.85V and +1.3V.

    As I have not connected any resistor to RFSWPH_CFG, as per "table 3" of datasheet, the switching Frequency should be set to NVM default 500KHz. But i am observing switching frequency of 350KHz. Kindly…

  • RE: Multiple LTM4670/LTM4658

    Hi Ning,

    LTM4680 is a good alternative if you need 50A output current, or you could use LTM4700 if you need two 50A channels. In general, µModules have good EMI performance due to the Silent Switcher topology used in designing them. You may also use the…

  • RE: AD9375_PSRR Requirement


    Can i know the maximum Voltage ripple tolerance ?

    I am planning to use LTM4680 which has a ripple of 10mVp-p for powering +1.3V, Is it possible to achieve AD9375 datasheet performance specification with the selected part ?