• Question about using LTM4678 & LTM4675


    My customer use LTM4678 & LTM4675 in same design.

    So they ask about  the connection of SYNC pin and Share CLK pin between LTM4678 & LTM4675.

    Q1) Can they connect  SYNC pin in LTM4678 and SYNC pin in LTM4675?

    Q2) Can they connect  SHARE CLK…

  • LTM4678 - VOUT and VTRIM configurations


    I'm currently working on the project that LTM4678 will be used for buck conversion from 12V to 0.95V and 1.8V.

    Here is the design scenario that I'm planning. 

    • LTM4678 12Vin >>> 1.8Vout 100A. The Vout0 and Vout1 are tied together. …
  • Multi uPower Module design (LTM4678, LTM4675)


    My customer are considering to use Multi uPower Modules.

    And they need Power sequencing about Multi uPower Modules.

    Q1) Would you review their schematic design in attached file?

            They will use 3 LTM4675s & 3 LTM4678s.

                  1). One LTM4678…

  • LTM4678 - Switching and Phase shifting configurations.


    In my application, I'm using 4 of LTM4678 for 4 individual buck convertor. They have the same output voltage 0.95V at 100A. (V0P95A, V0P95B, V0P95C.V0P95D) 

     My concern is about phase interleaving of these outputs since I'm using 18kohm strap…

  • Schematic review of LTM4678 & LTM4675 and some questions


    My customer will use LTM4678 & LTM4675 in hersystem.

    And now she is drawing a schematic per component before drawing whole schematic.

    So she requests your review about her schematic.

    1) Please review her attached schematic let me know your…

  • RE: the problem of ltm4678 power module

    Calculating the compensation circuit parameters is not a trivial thing. The best way is still to use LTpowerCAD. LTpowerCAD gives recommended component values based on your design parameters. But finally whether the compensation works or not still has…

  • RE: LTM4678 programming sockets

    Hi Fil,

    We've same question regarding LTM4678 programming socket as well. Could you please provide "NP276-40009-A3931" data for us ? Also the sockets support gang programming ?


    Regards, Elke

  • LTM4678 Under temperature issue


                   Customer use one PCB with 3pcs LTM4678. They test 5 pcs PCB and just find out one of PCB only one chip (3xLTM4678) happen this UT fault. Please refer to below. Other LTM4678 are normal for testing. Only one of LM4678 read out negative temperature…

  • LTM4678 surface could add a tape or cap for manufactory SMT Pick and Place Nozzle?


     is it could be a standard for production?

  • LTM4678 tray


    I am looking for the drawing of LTM4678's tray.

    Which is correct drawing 50-8083 or 50-8078?

    If the other is correct, could you please send it?

    Best regards


     PDF PDF