• Bulk programming of the LTM4678


    Where can I find details on bulk programming of the LTM4678 internal EEPROM?

  • LTM4675 Bulk Programming

    Where can I locate information on bulk programming the LTM4675 and LTM4678? Their datasheets do not contain details for MFR_EE_UNLOCK, MFR_EE_ERASE and MFR_EE_DATA commands. 

  • Where is the model of LTM4678 PARALLEL ?

    hi, I want to download the model of  LTM4678 PARALLEL,but the link can't be used on the ADI site.Where can I down the model from? 

  • Where is the model of LTM4678 100A parellel ?

    Dear All

    I'm Lonnie Kim DFAE at Sheenbang in Korea.

    Our customer wants to LTM4678 100A parallel model.

    Where can I get that model's data?

    Best regards

    Lonnie Kim(sykim@sheenbang.com)

  • How to compensate for loop response of poly-phase operation with any uModules?



    For example, when we design 8-phase operation with four LTM4678 how to check the loop response by Frequency Response Analyzer? 

    What about 4-phase operation with two LTM4646?




  • RE: LTM4678 EVAL board (DC2552) OV Behavior

    This OV behavior is supported in OFFLINE discussion.

    The issue is mainly caused by assemble.


  • which LTM4678 schematic symbol is correct?

    Downloading the schematic symbol from:


    I get an OrCad symbol that does not match the DC2552A demo board schematic, and appears to have the following mistakes:


  • Synchronizing multiple uModules

    I am using the following uModules in my design: two of LTM4678, LTM4677, LTM4676, and an LTM4686.  I plan to synchronize all at 500KHz and spread the phases to relieve the instantaneous current requirements on their common 12V input source.  I plan to use…

  • RE: LTM4678 wrong or incorrectly-ranging current readings

    Thank you for clarifying that the range bits are only for controlling the current-limit trip-point accuracy.  Date code of my parts is: 1812MY.   I am attaching schematic fragments for your review.   (note in schematic, removing Q18 and 19 as an experiment…

  • LTM4678 must INTVCC have exactly 2.2uF bypass or are larger values ok


    For part re-use I would like to bypass INTVCC with the same 4.7uF ceramic cap as EXTVCC, but the datasheet calls out 2.2uF.  Is this exact value needed to e.g. run an ADC, or is anything in the range of 2.2uF OK?   Thanks!