• LTM4676/LTM4677


         Can I set the output voltage of LTM4676/LTM4677 only using resistors which connect to relevant pins while without any control of I2C Bus?

       That means,if I do NOT write/read any message to LTM4676/LTM4677 via I2C bus,will the regulator output the…

  • LTM4677

    1. what's the precision of TOFF_DELAY. 2 digits after decimal or 3? 

    for example, both 2.43ms and 2.435ms are OK?

    2. can it be set to 0.025ms or 0.03ms? 

    Thank you.

  • LTM4676/LTM4677


  • RE: LTM4677  PolyPhase operation


    PWM related function can only be changed when output is OFF. 

    Either disable the RUN or using software to turn OFF then save changes to NVM.

    Once it is saved into NVM, the changes will be effective even power is restarted.

    In case the MFR_PWM_CONFIG…

  • Question about using LTM4677 EVM (DC2481B-A)


    My customer is testing the performance of LTM4677 thru DC2481B-A (ADI EVM).

    Their test condition is like below and they added R7 (0ohm) between Vin and Inrvcc as the guide in schematic because of  applying 5V at Vin .

     Test Condition : Vin 5V  /…

  • Questions about initial register setting of LTM4676A & LTM4677


    My customer decides to use LTM4676A and LTM4677 in their system.

    At their system, the operating condition of LTM4676A and LTM4677.

                  A. Vin : 5V

                  B. Vout : 1V

    But when they test with ADI EVM, the initial value of VIN_ON isn't support 5V Vin because…

  • RE: LTM4677 RAM data retention period


    For normal commercial applications there is no need to refresh.

    If it is for military or space application, please let us know then. 

    Thank you

  • We use a couple of LTM4667/LTM4677 for our board which we want to cool with liquid.

    We use a couple of LTM4667/LTM4677 for our board which we want to cool with liquid. Is it better to cool it though the PCB instead of the top? In the data sheet the thermal resistance looks still smaller on the bottom. Our proto board shows cooling through…

  • RE: how to set OCP when use LTpowerplay?


    1. It is correct only LTM4677 will be detected when LTpowerPlay is on.

    LTM4650 is analog part which do not have digital interface.

    2. IOUT_OC_FAUL_LIMIT sets the maximum peak inductor current in LTM4677 per phase.

    In LTM4677+3XLTM4650 demo board…

  • RE: DC1613A with umodules, what pins do I need

    Hi Nathan,

    Is it possible to use FT2232H USB to I2C dongle to access and control registers of LTM4677 instead of using DC1613A? Thanks!