• RE: LTM4676A OCP doesn't work

    Same question was asked through a local ADI FAE and answered off forum. Considered close.

  • LTM4676A

    Didn't find info about the values about CONFIG resistors when a LTM4676A is used in parallel mode (single output at 3.3V and 26A).

    1. should VOUT0CFG and VOUT1CFG be tied together?

    2. Was the value 11.3K ohms at parallel mode (is 22.6K  when dual channel…

  • LTM4676A output voltage setting

    Hello Analog experts,

    I used LTM4620A in my last design but now I want to use LTM4676A because it has wider input voltage range. Output voltage of LTM4676A can be set either with PMBUS or by PIN Strapping. I want to use PIN Strapping for setting the…


    Hi folks,

    I've just tested a design with LTM4676A as a replacement for LTM4676. The configuration applied by pin-strapping (no programing needed).

    I did follow observation: In design with LTM4676 the limit of VIN is much higher than by LTM4676A…

  • LTM4676A OC fault setting Inquiries


    I have 2 questions on LTM4676A's OC fault limit, and thanks for your reply.

    According to LTM4676A datasheet p97(Output Current Calibration) & p98(IOUT_OC_FAULT_LIMIT), the minimum OC limit value will be 25mV/3.28mOhm (around 7.6A), is that right…

  • Question about TON_DELAY of LTM4676A


    My customer is consodering to use LTM4676A and ask some questions about TON_DELAY value.

    They say that they don't change any register values, so TON_DELAY is a default value which is 0ms (0x8000).

    But as their test result, it seems to…



    I designed my board with LTM4676A but I faced with very unknown problems.

    The parameters of my design is:

    V input = 12V

    RUN 0=3.3V

    RUN 1=3.3V

    V out CH0 = 3.75V (Rout0cfg=32.4K , Rtrim0cfg=2.43K)

    V out CH1= 3.75V (Rout1cfg=32.4K , Rtrim1cfg=2.43K)

  • RE: LTM4676A; using spread spectrum clock

    Switching frequency is 600kHz and generated by LTC6909.

    This 600kHz +/-10% with 9.3kHz modulation rate clock are supplied to LTM4676A.

    It seems LTM4676A will not be able to track higher modulation rate clock.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Questions about initial register setting of LTM4676A & LTM4677


    My customer decides to use LTM4676A and LTM4677 in their system.

    At their system, the operating condition of LTM4676A and LTM4677.

                  A. Vin : 5V

                  B. Vout : 1V

    But when they test with ADI EVM, the initial value of VIN_ON isn't support 5V Vin because…

  • Question about LTM8024,LTM4676A and LTM4622 and request a schematic review


    My customer is using LTM8024,LTM4676A and LTM4622 in their product.

    And they want to get your review about their schematic and ask some questions about using above components.

    Please refer their schematic & questions and let me know your opinions…