• RE: LTM4675 test GUI for LTpowerPlay

    Hi sir 

    My customers have responded to me, they are doing IC Burn test tooling, so when doing IC tests, it is necessary to turn ON / OFF IC repeatedly, so I hope that this voltage does not exist, and I do not want to have a current after adding a resistor…

  • LTM4675 Bulk Programming

    Where can I locate information on bulk programming the LTM4675 and LTM4678? Their datasheets do not contain details for MFR_EE_UNLOCK, MFR_EE_ERASE and MFR_EE_DATA commands. 

  • LTM4675 test GUI for LTpowerPlay

    Dear Sir 

    I have some questions to ask about the LTM4675 test GUI LTpowerPlay 

    Customers are in urgent need of knowing this setting rule, this is a urgent case, Thanks 

    The attached file is the GUI LTpowerPlay screen , FYI 

    (1) About the setting of IIN_OC_WARN_LIMIT…

  • Temperature of LTM4675 very high

    Hi All,

    My design use LTM4675 to create 3V3 with maximum current about 9A but when i use LTpowerPlay to monitor all parameter of LTM4675, i can see temperature of LTM4675 up to above 80 degree with 2.6W (Iout = 800mA, Eff = 80%), can you help me to solve…

  • LTM4675 外接电阻配置输出电压失败

    LTM4675 采用12V供电;通过VOUT0CFG引脚和VTRIM0CFG引脚外接配置电阻的方式控制上电初始输出电压失败,输出一直为0.1V; 两通道均一样的问题。芯片内部3.3输出正常,RUN引脚已经上来,频率可以通过外置电阻更改。

  • RE: LMT4675 Pgood function without programming

    Hello Mark,

    There is no dedicate PGOOD pin for LTM4675 and GPIO pin can be configured as PGOOD pin.

    Yes we will need to program the GPIO to behave as PGOOD. 

    So PGOOD function has to be programmed via PMBus Interface.

    Thanks, Haihua 

  • RE: LTM4650 Vout sense issue

    Hi sir 

    LTM4675 Vout Sense , Is it the same function?

  • RE: Your products are mostly for high current. What is suitable for low current for 1A to 5A?

    On behalf of Anthony (Tony) Armstrong:
    Actually, we have micromodule regulators without currents as low as 150mA (LTM8008 for example). Nevertheless, we have many micromodule devices with output below 5A, examples include: LTM4634, LTM4675, LTM4686, LTM8023…

  • RE: LTM467x how can I keep RUNn asserted when supplies are disabled?

    1. LTM4675,76A and 78 have FAULT outputs. LTM4675, 76A can use GPIO pin as PGOOD pin if needed.

    2. As shown DC2552A demo board, RUN pin is pulled up to VDD33 pin. At this configuration condition,

    a) when supply is ON, VDD33 exist and RUN pin pulled high…

  • LTM4678 wrong or incorrectly-ranging current readings

    When I program my LTM4678 outputs to +2.0V, I get a sensible small current from my open-circuit load.  When I then program it to >= +2.1V, suddenly it says it is drawing > 2.5A, which can't be correct for a small linear step and no load.  Changing…