• LTM4675 configure in negative output voltage (-VOUT)

    Hi Team,

    Is the LTM4675 or LTM4676A uModule regulator can be configured to have negative output voltage (-VOUT)

    I noticed below article did mentioned how to convert the output voltage to negative output. Does it apply to LTM4675 or LTM4676A?


  • Question about using LTM4678 & LTM4675


    My customer use LTM4678 & LTM4675 in same design.

    So they ask about  the connection of SYNC pin and Share CLK pin between LTM4678 & LTM4675.

    Q1) Can they connect  SYNC pin in LTM4678 and SYNC pin in LTM4675?

    Q2) Can they connect  SHARE CLK…

  • Multi uPower Module design (LTM4678, LTM4675)


    My customer are considering to use Multi uPower Modules.

    And they need Power sequencing about Multi uPower Modules.

    Q1) Would you review their schematic design in attached file?

            They will use 3 LTM4675s & 3 LTM4678s.

                  1). One LTM4678…

  • About SHARE_CLK of LTM4675


    When using one (1) LTM4675 and not using its SHARE_CLK function, is it OK to leave the SHARE_CLK pin Open?

    Also, is there any setting when using one (1) LTM4675?



  • LTM4675 output impedance

    Hi, I am looking on some advice for the output impedance of the LTM4675. I cannot see any useful information in a quick skim over the datasheet. I wish to weakly inject several mV AC at the output using a source and I would like to get an idea of current…

  • Schematic review of LTM4678 & LTM4675 and some questions


    My customer will use LTM4678 & LTM4675 in hersystem.

    And now she is drawing a schematic per component before drawing whole schematic.

    So she requests your review about her schematic.

    1) Please review her attached schematic let me know your…

  • LTM4675


  • About Rconfig LTM4675/77

    Hi everyone, 

    I have questions about LTM4675/77:

    If Rconfig is different values in table 2, table 3 (datasheet), how it work? Example: with LTM4675, Vout1_cfg is 10k, Vtrim1_cfg is 1.02k. 


  • LTM4675 Vout sense when parallel

    When using the LTM4675 part with the outputs combined for a single 18A capable output, do both Vout sense pins need to be connected?  Or can just Vout0 or 1 be connected to the load for sensing?  Does it make a difference if the part will only be resistor…

  • 电源芯片LTM4675 VDD33pin无电压输出。


    问题现象描述:LTM4675芯片在12V上电后,PIN(J5) VDD33无3.3V电压输出。


    1.首先测量VCC_12V电压输入,电压正常12V。但是没有VDD33 3.3V电压输出。