• RE: LTM4671 SS pin

    Hello Hiroyuki san,

    For the 5A channels (Vout1, Vout2) from the EC table the start-up time is 5ms with 10nF SS cap (12Vin 1.5Vout, 100uF Cout). 

    Internally there is 1.4uA internal pull up current source on SS and internal reference tracks the SS pin voltage…

  • Question about LTM4671


    I have three questions about LTM4671. Could you take a look at the attached file?




  • LTM4671, setting frequency on 5A outputs

    Hello, dear collegues!

    Could you clear next issue - in LTM4671's description on page 12 it is indicated, so it is possible to increase or decrease the switching frequency

    "FREQ12 (K10): Switching Frequency Program Pin for Both 5A Switching Mode Regulator…

  • LTM4671 - parallel operation


    according datasheet page 15:
    'For parallel operation of N-channels, tie the VOUT, the FB
    pins and VOSNS– pins together but only hooking up one
    VOSNS+ (VOSNS) pin to the VOUT so that all the paralleling
    channels can share the same error amplifier…

  • INTVCC on LTM4671


    I have a question about the INTVCC behavior on the LTM4671 micromodule.

    This power module has 3 INTVCC: INTVCC0, INTVCC3 and INTVCC12.

    1)  What is the maximum current I can sink from these INTVCC power supplies?

    2) Are these supplies always on or are…

  • Inquiry about a Pin Connection of LTM4671


    I'd like to ask about a Pin Connection of LTM4671.

    (1) If I don't want to use a temperature monitor, I can connect TMON to INTVCC12.

    In that case, how should I set the following two pins?



    (2) The following…

  • The problem about the parallel output of LTM4671

    hi all:

    Now I am using LTM4671 to generate three power supply for FPGA: 1.2V, 2.5V and 1.8V; the configuration of the LTM4671 is as follow:

    VOUT0: 1.2V

    VOUT3: 2.5V

    VOUT1 and VOUT2: 1.8V

    My circuit schematic is refer to Figure 31 of the datasheet.


  • How can I connect two LTM4671 in parallel for larger current drawing?


    I want to connect two LTM4671 together for supplying more than 40A for a single voltage output.

    In LTM4671 home page, I can found that LTpoweCAD supports LTM4671PARALLEL design tool.

    But there is only one design for LTM4671 in LTpowerCAD.


  • RE: Low ripple low noise buck converter

    Hi VEGETA,

    Sorry for late reply. Please browse here. https://www.analog.com/en/products/power-management/switching-regulators/step-down-buck-regulators.html

    Because of high current, you may need multiple IC or go for a micro-module like LTM4671 https:…

  • RE: Is LTC2977 used for sequence beyond 8ch?

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you very much for your support. The customer is thinking of supplying power to one FPGA from LTM4671 and Reg of another company. This time he uses two FPGAs, so he also uses two LTM4671s and two Regs. Then the same power supply is formed…