• RE: Inquiry about a Pin Connection of LTM4671

    Hi Knj, 

    (1) You can leave these floating or ground them. The pin internally connects to the temperature diode anode.

    (2) This error is in datasheet edit. Though it is still ok (internal top FB resistors are in parallel), for the resistor value shown this…

  • RE: The problem about the parallel output of LTM4671

    Hi Janson, 

    Thanks. Note that internally, each has a 60.4k internal resistor from Vout to FB so when you tie these FB pins together the equivalent is 30.2k. With 30.2k top FB resistor then adding a 15.1k for bottom FB resistor would 1.8V as you showed…

  • LTM4671 - parallel operation


    according datasheet page 15:
    'For parallel operation of N-channels, tie the VOUT, the FB
    pins and VOSNS– pins together but only hooking up one
    VOSNS+ (VOSNS) pin to the VOUT so that all the paralleling
    channels can share the same error amplifier…

  • INTVCC on LTM4671


    I have a question about the INTVCC behavior on the LTM4671 micromodule.

    This power module has 3 INTVCC: INTVCC0, INTVCC3 and INTVCC12.

    1)  What is the maximum current I can sink from these INTVCC power supplies?

    2) Are these supplies always on or are…

  • RE: How can I connect two LTM4671 in parallel for larger current drawing?

    Thanks SYoung.

    This will be very helpful for my design.

    I'll take about the layout especially for noise sensitive signals, according to your comment.

    Best regard.

  • RE: Is LTC2977 used for sequence beyond 8ch?

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you very much for your support. The customer is thinking of supplying power to one FPGA from LTM4671 and Reg of another company. This time he uses two FPGAs, so he also uses two LTM4671s and two Regs. Then the same power supply is formed…