• RE: LTM4671 tray drawings

    Hi N.Kokubo,

    Sent the drawing in email. THanks!

  • LTM4671 OUT1 & 2 (5A output ch) efficiency

    We are considering using OUT1ch with 12V input 0.8V 2A output.
    With efficiency near the data sheet (12V input 1V 2A output)
    I looked at the efficiency calculation result in LTpowerCAD.

    The two were quite different.
    Q1: Do I understand that the data sheet…

  • Question about LTM4671


    I have three questions about LTM4671. Could you take a look at the attached file?




  • LTM4671 - parallel operation


    according datasheet page 15:
    'For parallel operation of N-channels, tie the VOUT, the FB
    pins and VOSNS– pins together but only hooking up one
    VOSNS+ (VOSNS) pin to the VOUT so that all the paralleling
    channels can share the same error amplifier…

  • LTM4671 SS pin


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer evaluates LTM4671 on his trial pcb. The start up time of 5A ch is too long for him and he deletes the capacitor between TRACK/SS pin and GND. I think it possible because there is an internal pull-up. Is it correct…

  • INTVCC on LTM4671


    I have a question about the INTVCC behavior on the LTM4671 micromodule.

    This power module has 3 INTVCC: INTVCC0, INTVCC3 and INTVCC12.

    1)  What is the maximum current I can sink from these INTVCC power supplies?

    2) Are these supplies always on or are…

  • LTM4671, setting frequency on 5A outputs

    Hello, dear collegues!

    Could you clear next issue - in LTM4671's description on page 12 it is indicated, so it is possible to increase or decrease the switching frequency

    "FREQ12 (K10): Switching Frequency Program Pin for Both 5A Switching Mode Regulator…

  • Inquiry about a Pin Connection of LTM4671


    I'd like to ask about a Pin Connection of LTM4671.

    (1) If I don't want to use a temperature monitor, I can connect TMON to INTVCC12.

    In that case, how should I set the following two pins?



    (2) The following…

  • The problem about the parallel output of LTM4671

    hi all:

    Now I am using LTM4671 to generate three power supply for FPGA: 1.2V, 2.5V and 1.8V; the configuration of the LTM4671 is as follow:

    VOUT0: 1.2V

    VOUT3: 2.5V

    VOUT1 and VOUT2: 1.8V

    My circuit schematic is refer to Figure 31 of the datasheet.


  • How can I connect two LTM4671 in parallel for larger current drawing?


    I want to connect two LTM4671 together for supplying more than 40A for a single voltage output.

    In LTM4671 home page, I can found that LTpoweCAD supports LTM4671PARALLEL design tool.

    But there is only one design for LTM4671 in LTpowerCAD.