• LTM4668A: INTVCC output voltage


    According to the data sheet, INTVCC is 5V when VIN > 6V. In my case, VIN = 3.3V.

    How much will be INTVCC in my case?

  • LTM4668A Run Pin Connection For Parallel Operation

    Hi there,

    I would like to use the LTM4668A in parallel connection for my application. Datasheet says that, runs pin connected to each other. My question is when I connect the runs pin each other, also should I connect these pins also to the Vin or INTVCC…

  • RE: PGOOD in LTM4668 won't go high

    This part was originally the LTM4668A, but due to availability, we decided to switch to the LTM4668.  Is the LTM4668 and LTM4668A not footprint compatible?

  • RE: Anyone succeeded to get higher than 1.8V output from LTM4668?

    Hi Eli, 

    The LTM4668 and LTM4668A designs only differ in operating frequency. The LTM4668 opearates at 1MHz, the LTM4668A operates at 2.25MHz. Technically since they are same design otherwise, yes the LTM4668 can support output voltages higher than its…