• LTM4668A INTVcc

    According to the data sheet, Internal Vcc (INTVcc) is at 5V when Vin is greater than 6V. I want to use INTVcc to source 6mA for and LED power good circuit that is controlled by any the open drain PGOODX outputs of the device. Is this possible?

    The data…

  • LTM4668A PGOOD input current

    Good evening,

    I have got a question about the PGOOD open drain inputs of the LTM4668A.
    It says that those pins are pulled to GND when the output voltage leaves the aimed voltage window.
    In this case there is a resistance of R_pgood 275 Ohm left(?).

    I would…

  • INTVcc voltage for LTM4668A

    Hi all,

    I have a question about INTVcc for LTM4668A.

    What will the output be at IntVcc when the Vin is less than 5 V .

    I have this question because this device can be using from 2.7V onward which way below 5V (Input to the internal LDO ).

    INTVcc is defined…

  • RE: LTM4668A About thermal shutdown

    Hi Naohisa, 

    The LTM4668A thermal shutdown is at 160C with 15C hysteresis, mosfets enabled again to self-recover. Thanks

  • LTM4668A RUN Input Current


    Is there any spec available for the input current on the RUN pin for the LTM4668A?


    This would be useful for knowing which value resistors to choose for biasing this pin.


  • RE: LTM4668A Current limit

    Hi UBOTI,

    The LTM4668A is a constant frequency, peak current mode part which means the internal IC will look at the peak inductor current to decide when to turn off the top switch. In an event of an overcurrent fault, the bottom switch turns on until…

  • LTM4668A datasheet vs LTPowerCAD

    I've tried to recreate design from 1st page of LTM4668A datasheet in LTPowerCAD and it looks strange.

    1) Datasheet Vin range 5-17 V with output as low as 1.5 V - in LTPowerCAD it's visible that Ton@Vin max is way too low and out of range, and it will…

  • LTM4668A Multi-Channel Mode


    I have the LTM4668A configured in dual-channel mode (1+2+4)/3 as described in Table 4. Configuration of Multi-Channel Parallel Operation. The high-current (3.6A) channel is not providing the expected output power, and I'm having a difficult time understanding…

  • LTM4668A not availabile in LTpowerCAD

    The LTM4668A web page https://www.analog.com/en/products/ltm4668a.html#product-tools indicates that there are models for LTpowerCAD. I have downloaded the latest version and sync'ed but the LTM4668A or the LTM4668 do not seem to be available.


  • LTM4668A: INTVCC output voltage


    According to the data sheet, INTVCC is 5V when VIN > 6V. In my case, VIN = 3.3V.

    How much will be INTVCC in my case?