• RE: LTM4668A

    Hi JSiko:

    The VINs of the LTM4668A are separate. You can use them independently.



  • Threshold at which Pulse-skipping mode of LTM4668A is enabled

    Hi all,

    Please tell us two points about the specifications of LTM4668A.


    1. Pulse-skipping mode threshold

    Is there an output current threshold that switches between high load mode and low load mode when used in Pulse-skipping Mode?


  • RE: About θjc of LTM4668A


    datasheet of LTM4668A has been changed to reflect the correct theta values on page 2:

  • LTM4668A and duty cycle and output voltage


    Can you explain t_on_min on the D/S of LTM4668A.  The image below shows t_on_min = 60ns


    If the input voltage is 12V then the min output voltage possible is:

    Vout = t_on_min x 12V x Fsw = 60ns x 12V x 2.25MHz = 1.62V


    Did I get this right? The front…

  • Dual Vin / split Vin for LTM4668A possible?

    I wonder if I can use LTM4668A with 2 Vin sources?

    In that case Vin1 (Pin A4 + B4) would be the source for Vout1 and Vout2 and Vin2 (Pin F4 + G4) would be the source for Vout3 and Vout4.

    The Block Diagram on page 6 in the datasheet suggests that each Vin…

  • LTM4668A output current at burst mode


    LTM4668A datasheet rev.A P.11 says below.

    "During Burst Mode operation, the peak current of the inductor is set to approximately 400mA in normal operation
    even though the output of the error amplifier (COMP) indicates a lower value."

  • LTM4668A PGOOD input current

    Good evening,

    I have got a question about the PGOOD open drain inputs of the LTM4668A.
    It says that those pins are pulled to GND when the output voltage leaves the aimed voltage window.
    In this case there is a resistance of R_pgood 275 Ohm left(?).

    I would…

  • LTM4668A About thermal shutdown


    I have a question.

    Please give me an answer.

    I want to use LTM4668A.

    I'm checking the data sheet,
    Please tell me about thermal shutdown.

    Is the thermal shutdown of the LTM4668A correct at 150 ° C?
    Also, I think that thermal shutdown will self…

  • LTM4668A INTVcc

    According to the data sheet, Internal Vcc (INTVcc) is at 5V when Vin is greater than 6V. I want to use INTVcc to source 6mA for and LED power good circuit that is controlled by any the open drain PGOODX outputs of the device. Is this possible?

    The data…

  • LTM4668A Multi-Channel Mode


    I have the LTM4668A configured in dual-channel mode (1+2+4)/3 as described in Table 4. Configuration of Multi-Channel Parallel Operation. The high-current (3.6A) channel is not providing the expected output power, and I'm having a difficult time understanding…